"One More Light" Mega-Topic, Out Now!

Or just call it 16-17

yup who created it?

Jordan made the thread. Just go to the OP :stuck_out_tongue:

so @jFar920 ya agree?

I would have to make a new image at the top but anyone can edit the title

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I can no longer edit anymore titles. :frowning:

oh buddie noooo…you just forgot to set enough likes …:see_no_evil:

Seriously is there someone who will vote “everything sucks”? XD

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Did you guys see? The band changed studios. It’s pretty bizarre… maybe Mike wasn’t trolling this time and something did happen? Then again, they back everything up like crazies… dunno what’s up.


I think Mike was kidding us sooooo much this time :laughing:
Suddenly he’ll tweet that it was only a great joke :smirk:
By the way, how much sexy is Chester in the photo on Twitter?? I love him :joy:

Check your emails. We’ve got an update.

Lol, is your email synced to your phone too? I got the email and the notification for your post at the same time :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I have notifications on.

Still trying to remember when we were asked to submit questions about the new album though.

EDIT: first of all, I laughed so hard with their humor, like always, they make a good team.
I don’t really believe the issue with the studio was just the size, I’m sure there’s more they don’t want to share (which is ok). Also, with the live instruments and every band member going out and doing their thing comment made me think of the MTM making of.
Lastly, how on earth is Mike level 14 on Pokemon Go? I was expecting him to be 20+ already. It’s not like the guy has anything else to do, like write an album for example. (I’m joking if you can’t tell btw).

What are your thoughts guys?


LOL he’s only lvl 14? Wow, he better get his game on pronto :stuck_out_tongue:

I could only sit through like half of it before I zoned out lol

I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I definitely don’t remember us having to submit any questions. Maybe they were just general questions off random places

Edit: That wasn’t meant to be a reply to you Gatsie, just the topic in general. Was trying the email method of replying


@jFar920 how did you get the email reply to work?

The email just said to reply, just reply to that specific email, so I did

That’s odd, I haven’t seen a proper reply button. The only one I’ve had is to go to the post and reply there.