Battle of the Songs: Fort Minor: The Rising Tied League Fixture 2

@The_early_walker may have attended an FM concert but she actually doesn’t know like half the songs, so she doesn’t vote.

Surprisingly easy one.

Done the blog right now. Maybe you can wait a few hours til you close this fixture.

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Well, if that’s the case, DBS will be way worse.

That’s my worry…
But for the next champions league I want it to be BIGGER

I will hold out for another 22hrs

I haven’t listened to DBS in ages. If we decide to do one I’m gonna have to relisten to the album.

I haven’t either (besides the occasional song that comes on when I’m shuffle, which I tend to skip). I didn’t really like DBS to be honest.

Same here

Well…this is a disappointment


You must vote on EVERY match or your votes on the other matches will not count
You have 4hrs to comply