Anyone else hyped for the Houston concert?

Agreed. Also, I kept telling my friends to support me by signing up with my link for the pre-sale so I could get us good tickets. Now I feel so dumb having to explain to them, hey, sooo I was wrong… and we can all buy them at the same time on May 16th. ;;

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Yeah that really pisses me off… grumble, grumble. I knew that this crap would be stupid from the start.

yes exactly! they need to fix it where we get some early access

Agreed. I could have spent the past hour and half studying for my finals instead of freaking out over nothing. ;;

From what the site says, general purchase starts on the 19th with the verified fan presale starting on the 16th at 10 am and various other presales starting before the 19th. All I want to know is when I can buy my tickets

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Just received another message via Twitter from Toyota Center. They are definitely not selling presale tickets until May 16th beginning at 10 am.

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Just got an email saying now it’s not till may 19th? What the crap man?!

LOL! me too,

So literally every other presale for Houston starts before the fans presale. So lame.

Just saw the tweet you referred to.

Wish they could have Tweeted that out before today though.

This is stupid… I hope they meant the 16th.

They’re making so many mistakes, I’m sure they means May 16th. Just checked my email and saw what y’all are referring to. I will paste it down below for reference in case anyone else hasn’t received it. Again, they’ve made so many mistakes today, that Im sure they mean May 16.

"Hi Liz,

The presale date for Houston, TX was moved to May 19th. Unfortunately, we had already sent out codes when, like you, we were told that purchases could not be made today. We apologize for this inconvenience and want to let you know that your code will work in any other market for Linkin Park if you prefer not to wait. If you would rather wait for tickets to become available in Houston, you will retain the same group access as you were originally given, but on May 19th.
Feel free to contact, should you have any questions."

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So, i received an email and its the whole sorry wrong dates and then it said "If you would rather wait for tickets to become available in Houston**, you will retain the same group access as you were originally given, but on May 19th.

so we have the group access but like tons of people will have bought it before us on the 16th?

We think that 19th is an error, toyota center tweeted presale will start on the 16th.

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Got something else. I guess we are still getting our group access.


lol! Glad they fixed it to May 16.

well at least we are keeping the group access we had so that is something and corrected to the 16th. Jeez this was a crazy day.

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What a waste of a day hahaha… eh at least I am at work and getting paid to be pissed off. hahaha uhh.


lmao that is so true!

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So glad we could all communicate about this issue. ;; I would have gone nuts if I didn’t have anyone else to talk to about all this mess. haha!