Anyone else hyped for the Houston concert?

Maybe if I were a super buff, tall dude that didn’t mind other people’s body odor I’d go for pit. :joy::joy:

Yeah I’m trying to call too

I called Toyota Center and they basically said there is nothing they can do. They show the presale starts on May 16th. The rep was very nice, but I understand their hands are tied. She said to go back to Strobe Labs and try and get answers from them.


Yeah they told me the same thing that nothing is wrong on the site. I’m guessing lack of communication or something… if strobe can’t even do anything we may actually have to wait till the 16th :rage:

that is complete bullshit. Is there anyone within linkin park we can contact?

I called Toyota Center and it was the same response. However, I’m pissed because I asked if they were going to send an email or at least put up a Facebook post to say LP’s people changed the date for Houston and she said no, what for? I was like uhhh because obviously there’s conflicting information out. I thought they were rude!

Im a legacy member and renewed/signed up on the 20th. I can log in to LPU but it says I dont have a code. My email works but not my password. Resetting password doesnt work eith. This is complete BS. I have friends who cant get this to work too and their new members.

just sent an email to strobe labs about all the issues I have heard about but especially the presale dates for Houston.

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Yeah I have emailed them too like 30 mins ago and nothing. Grr

I don’t know if I should sit here waiting and clicking refresh, or if they’ll send an email with enough lead time for me to read it if they fix this problem.

“While you will still be offered the exclusive opportunity to purchase presale tickets, we regret to inform you that this morning’s communications to you city were sent in error. You can use your code at any other city today. Feel free to contact should you have any questions.”

You had to sign up for the presale. No automatic code in your inbox like before.

Just got this mess.

I haven’t gotten any messages

Who is that message from Toyota, LPU or AXS?

Probably from Strobes pre-sales? Maybe?

that is some grade A bullshit, Why would you even buy for another city? I mean geez all the loops and craziness we went through for nothing? Why did we not just stick with our lpu codes? I am so frustrated, I had to rush to get alot of my work done in order to be able to have access at while at work at 1:00 and now its like really? i am so upset.

I am ok with houston not getting it till the 16th just the run around we got.

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From strobe lab. Or whoever ran the presale.

I’m just upset because I was group 1. Now if the presale is in the 16th then everyone no matter what group will have access to same tickets that group 1 and 2 should have gotten to first.

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If they would have sent the email to everyone letting them know in advance that tickets wouldn’t be available until the 16th, it wouldn’t be an issue. All I need is an email letting me know this and I’ll be back on the 16th doing the same thing.

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