Anyone else hyped for the Houston concert?

Anyone else here super excited for the LP Houston concert in August? Would be my second time going to a concert in my life. c:

First time was in the lawn for Breaking Benjamin… and it was raining. It was fun… but… exhausting? Good thing this concert is completely indoors. ;;

I am always hyped for LP! lol but yeah I did not realize it was going to be indoors at the toyota center. I am kinda used to being at the woodlands pavilion but either way it should be awesome! I have only misses 3 lp concerts here in Houston. Are you getting seats or pit?

It keeps saying the pre sale for the Houston show opens the 16th even though it’s supposed to be today, what is even going on?

Yes I was fixing to ask that… I can’t buy tickets. The link isn’t up.

Ugh I’m having the same problem!

My link told me I could not access till 1 pm?

I have first group access that was at 12

My link told me I’d have access by noon… it’s passed 13 minutes and it still gives me “this offer is not yet on sale”.

I was thinking maybe I was in the wrong website, but I’m slightly glad I’m not the only one seeing this

i was checking and it seems that there are problems with the site to the different cities. This is messed up

Same issue here. Sigh. Anyone have any idea who to contact for this issue?

I’m not sure. I’m thinking seats. Pit sounds… dangerous… I think I’m not tall enough or brave enough haha!

i agree, I only did the pit once and it was too much for me lol

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Any luck for anybody?

Nope. I wish I wasn’t at work so I could call someone and ask.

so far no, sadly and now i have seen some people say they can only get 2 tickets. :frowning:

no luck here either. Though I was thinking that since the Toyota center website says:

“Linkin Park Verified Presale… BUY TICKETS(On Sale May 16 at 10am thru May 18 at 10pm)”

that the tickets will only be available equally to us on May 16 ;;

that would be total F***** up situation

So even though they said May 9th you think they’ll make us people buying for the houston show wait till the 16th? Wtf…

I’m about to call the Toyota center and see if I can get somewhere


It would be a total d- move. But it’s a possibility?