Anyone else hyped for the Houston concert?

So i dont have access til 2pm on the 16th but verified fans w/o TM purchase gets in at 10?

I took a half day just so i would be at home for this. Lol.


I glad I got to talk this out with y’all because it was going to drive me bonkers lol.


hmm that is a good questions, because I dont have access untill 1 but i am verified by TM

Yeah I don’t know because I get to buy at noon. which is what group one has. So I have no clue.

I’m sure now it’s off of whatever Toyota Center is doing. So gusss we get access at 10 cause I don’t think they’re changing it… glad I wasn’t alone on this issue lol

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I know. I was on the phone with them 3xs. They told me they were fixing the problem. Noticed others having same issue on Twitter so I messaged them & LP and finally received that reply. The only issue I have now is the incorrect email they sent out again saying it’s the 19th.

I asked if tiers still needed during presale. Have yet to hear back on that question.

Finally heard back. Tier system is still a factor in your time of purchase.

I hope Group 1 gets access at 10AM, because my manager just called me to tell me I have to go in to work Tuesday (May 16th) at 11AM. ;;

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I am wondering now, If i was group 1 at 1:00 pm but i am pretty sure i was verified by ticket master would I get a separate code to log in at 10 am and how do i prove I was verified by ticket master if we are buying through toyota center.

Headaches! they should have done it at the pavilion in the woodlands.

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I wish they would just let us know more info. But I am glad it is not at the woodlands… I hate that place. I mainly hate the drive more then anything. haha. But I have seen them at the toyota center in 03 and it was nice. But all this crap with the tickets needs to be fixed for next time around they come.

I just emailed ticket master to see if they could clarify better,
yeah the drive in traffic is not fun, also i guess it should not be too hot lol. I think i went to that concert and was in the pit and man i was dying, my friend had to braid my hair and could not so these to other girls helped out lol

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What are your thoughts or recommendations on seats or anything related to the show overall (from your experience attending their concert in the Toyota center back then)?

My thoughts of having it at the pavilion:

Good: The pavilion makes it easier to purchase tickets because there’s an interactive map.
Bad: If it rained, it would suck.

very good points, at one project rev it had stormed the night before and i had lawn tickets. my friend and i were a muddy mess by the end of the show but it was still awesome. Plus I am like 15 min away from the toyota center so i am not going to be worried about too much traffic. All i am hoping is to get good seats. I dont want to be too far away.

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Well I had the floor/ pit tickets, which I always get when I see them. And I like the Toyota Center better because there is more space on the floor then the woodlands. I would tell everyone that you have to see them at least once on the floor or pit. It’s amazing. If you feel uncomfortable on the floor you can stand in further in the back. It really isn’t that bad, unless like Mike or Chester comes close to everyone. But I am just not a seat type of person. But I really think you would have a blast on the floor.

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Yeah the pit at the woodlands is small compared to the one at the Toyota Center. I’ve seen them once at the Toyota Center and twice at the Woodlands and the floor/ pit at the Toyota Center is better. and only like 25, 30 mins from me haha as the woodlands is an hour or so. But I also like that it’s inside and not outside this time. August is a very hot month hahahaha.

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The pit for LP is pretty mellow, comparatively (not like Metallica or something). I am taking my 11 year old (and I took him two years ago when he was 9). We just get there super early and with LPU early entry we are always on the fence. Totally not scary. I’d say do it, for sure.


I heard they were doing away with early entry, not sure if that was ever clarified by Lorenzo. But last I heard it was uncertain.