Anxiety blog (feel free to talk here!)


Just wanted to wish you Good Luck and strength again today @birdy1989!

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Thank you :blush: I got some helpful advice from the doctor yesterday about what to do when I’m having a panic attack. And my husband is off from work today, it always helps when he is around :heart:


Bad news: my psychologist is on vacation now, he’s back this monday so he will call me back in 4 days. But there is a wait time of 5 weeks :pensive:
There is “practice support” (dunno what the english word is, but Google translate told me this :joy:) who looks after patients who are waiting to get treatment. So I guess I need to get an appointment there, 'cause I can’t wait 5 weeks…


Do the “support” meanwhile! :muscle: sending strenght!! Remember you have the power inside! :muscle: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


It is a shame, that they make support so difficult to reach.

Make this appointment, it will help, even when it isn’t ideal.

Thumps up for you! :muscle::+1::hugs::heart:

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I’m going to wait till he calls monday and if he too says it will take 5 weeks, then I’m going to make an appointment with support immidiatly. The positive thing is that I’m going to Austria next week for 12 days. So I will (hopefully) be destracted a lot and I’ll make the appointment for right after my vacation. And I have Mike to look forward to on the 21st :yellow_heart: I hope keeping all this in mind will help…

@StephLP18 how are you doing today? Hope today is a better day for you :hugs:


I did a huge thing yesterday. I never explained to my family and friends that I have GAD (a few knew I have an anxiety disorder, but that’s it). Since I need to wait 4-5 weeks untill I can see my psychologist and 2,5 week untill I can see a doctor (because I can’t wait 4-5 weeks), I decided to watch some YouTube video’s from people with GAD and all. I realized it is important that they know what’s going on, because these are the people in your daily routine who can help you…
So yesterday morning, I started writing a letter. Watched some more movies. Wrote more. And that kept going untill the evening. I wrote a letter with 10 pages :see_no_evil: I re-read the letter like 10 times to make sure this was what I wanted to tell them. Then I thought: it’s done!

Then the anxiety’s kicked in: “no one is interested in this, you’re going to scare everyone away” and so on. I didn’t want to send the letter :see_no_evil: I got really anxious and scared and all… I decided to ask a close friend (who knows a little about my anxiety’s) to read the letter and tell me what she thought. She wanted to do that, but she couldn’t at the time, so she would read it this morning. I said that was fine.

I kept staring at my letter (and saved it like 15 times :joy:) and I suddenly snapped out of it and started sending it to my friends and family. With the question to give a respons since I was really on edge about the whole thing…

It was send and I got like really anxious, I felt another panic attack come up. So I started to focus on my right foot (a trick a psychologist told me). That didn’t work, I couldn’t focus at that point. Then I put BURN IT DOWN on in my playlist and started singing really loud with the music. After that, ofc, comes LIES GREED MISSERY, so I sang/screamed that song too. Then I continued to listen to the rest of the songs while doing a Sudoku puzzle. And I calmed down a bit.

Slowly I got some responses, and they were all so positive :sob: I just cried. Have I been consuming myself from the inside like this, for no reason? :see_no_evil:
I went to sleep, slept for 5 hours this time, new record this week :muscle:t2: and now I’m sitting on the couch, listening to music and tell this story, because I’m getting really anxious for the last responses :see_no_evil: I know the responses yesterday were all positive and all, so why would I be anxious about this? I just don’t have control right now…
Since you’re my family too, and you already know a lot of the things I’m going through, I thought to come here and tell you all. Cause I can really use a hug right now, even if it’s an virtual hug :see_no_evil:


I know that we don’t know eachother very well…but I really want to say that I’m proud of you. I can imagine that it was not something easy to do…at all.
I kinda have some problems with “anxiety” too (I don’t want to abuse the term, I know what it means when people say smth like “I’m depressed” even if they’re not, and you actually know someone that has been through depression, and maybe lost the battle.), something not so bad, but I’m still ashamed about it after years. I told about this problem to my psychologist just after two-three years…and to my mum after four.
And again, is not something so bad like your problem…but I was so afraid to tell them, so anxious…so, I’m proud of you.


@gabridc98 It doesn’t matter that it took years before you told them, you took a giant step by doing that and I am proud of you :kissing_heart:
And thank you for the kind words :pray:t2: :hugs: hugs for you

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Thanks a lot!
I wish that my mom took it more seriously…but yeah, I did it :muscle:t2: WE did it :muscle:t2: :ok_woman:

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pretty much in a hurry to finish work early, so I can hurry to Bremen. You can think way :wink:
Reading your post, I had tears in my eyes. Well done! I am proud for you! Big, big hug!! :hugs::heart:


Thank you @anna834 :heart:
Hurry!! And have fun tonight :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

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Haven’t got round to reading your anxiety blog, doing it now.
Anyway here’s something to lighten up the mood:


@samuel_the_leader What is that game? Never seen it before


hang in there dear @birdy1989
realized recently that depression is like a cloud and it fell on top of us all

i have some ideas of how to really treat panic attacks but i haven’t managed to stick around because youtube took down a 2016 video and i am reworking it plus still haven’t finished the one i care for most.
but here’s an intro which has some mistakes and a big part of the message of empathy is missing
but i hope you enjoy it this far

when i started working on it (before i got sick and all) this intro was not in my head
but the whole point is that if i can manage to get on my feet after a life like this one, so can everyone!
thanks for your help too
hang in there! the cavalry is coming

i feel much better and i can now finish quick but i’m still standing and i can’t read and focus much till this things are out!
:heartpulse: @lpfan61 too
(the end video has much to say, this is only an erroneous intro. you’ve seen some of the outro but it has changed much while changing diapers :smile:)

(i think copyright prohibits playback on other sites)
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@achilleas7 What I have to do to watch it?

Well, anyway I’ll try tomorrow since it’s time to sleep for me…but thanks for the tag!:blush: and glad you’re better!! :hugs: :hugs:

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you must find your way to the youtube dear @lpfan61
i hope this copyright problem will be solved on final video :frowning:
sweet dreams all



Thank you again :pray:t2:
Glad you’re doing better!

I do have to admit that I like your messages in your movies, but I don’t like the dirt bike riding :see_no_evil::sweat_smile: and your movies are really long :scream: this one was okay tho, 16 minutes.

I do get your point about depression is like a cloud hanging above us all. Some of us get trapped inside for a while, but with the right transportation (help) you’ll be able to get out of it.

I got some great tips from my doctor to get out of a panic attack (or even prefend when you feel the heavy pressure in your chest).

  • you need to focus on something. So do something you really need to focus on, that needs ALL your attention.
  • if you’re somewhere where that is impossible to do: focus on your right/left foot. Focus on where it is touching your shoe, where you feel pressure of the floor etc.
  • my absolute favorite: sing along with a song. I found out last week that Crawling works great, but also the combination of BURN IT DOWN and LIES GREED MISERY is really effective. Because you focus on something (singing the song, listen to the lyrics) and you have to take deep breaths to keep up with the guys (which makes sure you won’t hyperventilate and all) the panic will lower and might even disappear in the end.
    And I’m making a crisis-kit in case it. Bought the Spiffy de-stress kit as a starter kit. It’s pretty expensive for what you get, but only if you live outside the UK :sweat_smile: it was 25 pond, with the delivery costs it was like €40 to get to the Netherlands. But I’m glad I got it because it helped me a lot when I got really anxious in the 9 hour drive yesterday :blush:

Right. Singing helps. As soon I can hear me sing I realise that my voice is worse than a problem.

The others are Emoji game (to guess puzzles by someone else and to invent yours) and rhyming (looking for rhymes and synonyms).

Just interested what the de-stress kit you talked about is.


Yeah, I was sleepy yesterday :laughing:

I watched it! Yeah, like @birdy1989 said, your videos are always very long…like a movie! I think if you want more people to watch them,maybe maybe you should sum a bit… just maybe… :sweat_smile: While,if you like the result,don’t change it! :smile:

I understood the bike is a way to make yourself overcome much obstacles (like when the bike switched off or the guy helped you do a difficult climb) and after that, you can realize you can do it! You can overcome a real climb like you can overcome a “mental obstacle”… That means you/we have the power to do so, maybe with a lil help too, but we can overcome difficulties! :muscle:

That’s what I got watching your videos… and it’s a very positive message :blush: