About the 200 posts Party on OUATR(3) [Vertraulich]

I was talking about your this male friend:

yes, my crazy male friend as in non sexual relation, he always looks out for woman if he is sad…:blush:

Only if he is sad?

lol, have to leave…nice that we had this moment open public privatsphere, bye :huggin:

Bye, I also have to leave. When did you say you started your vacation, so what are you occupied with now? :wave:

it was the end of schoolyear party yesterday…fun :shaved_ice::pizza::clock10:-:clock4:

@theearlywalker you invited me here again, so what do you want?

A party, still …:stuck_out_tongue:

You always want a party:

YES what is wrong with it?

What am I supposed to answer?

may I be honest? @samuel_the_leader

Be honest, @theearlywalker. What is it?

believe me or not, I am not allowed to say what I like too, the forum denies my answers, and this one it´ll accept, will ya bet? We at least need sm privates sphere :pray:

What do you mean by deny your answer? What did you write about?

Wait, what did you write? I didn’t read it yet, then you deleted already.

8 seconds bomb. Ok.

got me now?
:thinking: yes I guess :thinking:

I’m sure you written more than that beforehand. :pensive:

yes, and I will if I get some space…