About the 200 posts Party on OUATR(3) [Vertraulich]

@amitrish @gatsie So now dudes what do you think, at what time Samuel_The_Leader will start the party?

Lol it was the First Story wasn’t ? Sharing kInda Virtual Memoires
Reanimation on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Still remember the reanimatedly dead argument. :unamused:


? People definitely would remember bad things.

more than good ones- why is it so? why not growing the mind with this experiences???

Looking back on your life, isn’t it true more bad than good memories?

the older I become- the more it changes…

More it changes for the worst.

i make diffrent experiences, but anyways: I speak with thevwisdom of MS "the futures gazing out, the past to overwright…

So did it change better or worse?

BETTER liberty and freedom are growing slow but they grow…I swear :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It got better until you met the stone of a husband?

this is 19 years ago, and yes after getting aware he is not responsible for my liberty and freedom inside feeling,we got c ompromises to live a life that fits for the three of us…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and the last few
month helped me a lot to get aware of this. sm FRIEND helped me,you too!!!

Who is this friend?

rem I told you ab the best friend…

Um, memory loss :blush: All I remembered was the psychiatrist you meet ever so often, and the male friend you wanted to avoid, and the fact that you said you do not have any true friends.

so the male it is, my only real friend…the psychatrist? did I met one? tell me more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
edit: ah yes remember, the pair-therapist I met with my husband sure helped a lot…in our relation

I thought the male friend was someone you wanted to avoid?

after the arguments/fights we talked aboud an the both of us were happy to have the other back…:see_no_evil:
edit: I knew at last one person I like to do same with …