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Very disco!!!

thx buddie :smiley: ( I guess I need a tutorial for real…)

Just use the opening post.

right, you did it all, btw, I am at work and have NOTHING to do…haha, so I work on the extention update and on the forum…:blush:.:relaxed: :yum:

We are in three, join in guys, even visitors, we are to find here

Lots of fun weird and awesome songs

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Sorry I missed it :confused:

no matter it sure wasn’t last time…@nefermiw, how are you?

Don’t forget the meet is tomorrow guys. 18:00 BST

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I don’t know when I’ll be able to join you guys. Have fun though!

British Summer Time this acronym? Is it + or - 1 h compared To European Summer Time???

6pm British Standard Time is 7pm for you.


Thanks :+1::blush::smiley:

Yeah, BST is British summer time. It’s when the clocks move forward an hour. When they move back an hour it’s GMT. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time. BST is basically GMT+1

Oh, I’m totally fine, I’m just busy these days but I really miss you guys, and the plug and our little conversations about everything that comes to mind :slight_smile: We have some fine festivals in our city (with great foods, awesome beers, cool concerts) so I try to be everywhere and have fun and so far I succeeded in doing that :smiley:

And I try to be on the plug tomorrow but I already was invited to another place, but I try to catch you before that :slight_smile:

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sbd on?
:wink: the plug

It’s on for today, right? 7pm BST?

It’s today at 18:00 BST, but if you can come on at about 19:00 that’s fine. You don’t have to be there from the very start if you can’t make it (obviously).

Right, tonight I’m supposed to send something over to my grandmother’s.