About the 200 posts Party on OUATR(3) [Vertraulich]

None of us seem to have space.

that were nearly 20 secs, but it was important, got me @samuel_the_leader ?
yes offense me…but life´s too short, you know

:bomb: :fireworks: lol I explode it for you.

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:joy: still seems I :heartbeat: you…whyever

I can sense you would like to have a sixth sense. :slight_smile:

I can sense you send me another email: I’ll go check now.

you won´t? I sense same - stm we got- rem?

long time ago

I already seen that long time ago as well :frowning:

Yes we do: my mother also calls this her sixth sense; let’s not let her interfere :stuck_out_tongue:

:scream: - :persevere: -:kissing_closed_eyes: - :smirk: :grinning: :sunglasses:

Mixed emotions :no_mouth:

absolutely agree… your mac works?

Sorry, busy dealing with the insect just now. Its leg is still there (Near the ceiling):

smash whatever…

When Acer: Where is the Mac?

When Mac: Where is the Acer?


they just have to unite…like macer…haha :stuck_out_tongue:
just ab to leave…cya later on macer…

Again: :stuck_out_tongue:


hi :slight_smile: what is this? another creepy mac note?

No lol, everything to you is creepy. :stuck_out_tongue: