7th studio album announced

yes yes…:sunglasses:

Todays studio update is a video :heart_eyes: I hope we will get more of this stuff

Agreed, I like this update. Thanks for hearing me whine, LP!

Yeah sounding like the guys are really taking the new album very seriously and are having lots and lots of ideas to choose from…cant wait to hear some new material soon

I listened to DTB and I guess, coming from someone who isn’t an EDM fan, it was alright. On ATS, I was into the electronic songs/vibe. On LT, I thought that the balance between electronic and rock was perfect. On THP, there wasn’t really any EDM in it but, in my opinion, I felt it was a little on the heavy side which isn’t ideal for playing live. Now maybe songs like Guilty All The Same, UIG, Wastelands, and Final Masquerade are catchy enough for live play. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a good heavy LP song but I really do enjoy their talent when it comes to melody. As much as I love listening to the talent of Mr. Hahn, I don’t want that to be all LP7 has to offer. Also, since I’ve been on an LP marathon the last 2-3 days, I’ve noticed (most of the time) I favor Meteora, HT etc. over THP and LT (I still love those albums alot) for the sole fact that I feel like Mike hasn’t done much rapping in the last two albums. (except for Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me and others) More songs like A Place For My Head, Hit The Floor, and Nobody’s Listening would be sick. I would like more songs like Blackout which has some sort of vibe that is upbeat still rockish, a little EDM remix and has a good scream/singing balance.

But despite all that I just said; I am very confident in the fact that no matter what LP release next, it will be amazing.

Linkin Park Forever <3


If you guys haven’t noticed by now, we have moved the discussion to a new Wiki thread everyone can contrubute to (thanks to Jordan, it’s less messy and much more organized this way):

Trolling as usual… https://twitter.com/mikeshinoda/status/753753629949964288 :expressionless:
At least I hope he is just trolling. :smirk:

Hopefully we get a single before October.

A new email is out.

Here’s hoping for some new music before Christmas or even as a Christmas present! :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m going to try and revive this thread. It’s clear that we should’ve continued on here and not switched. When people Google search Linkin Park’s 7th album, this is the first result, hence why it has triple the views of the other thread.

Anyway everyone, as Evo has stated, Linkin Park is producing the album themselves again.

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The band is once again producing the album themselves. Collaborators include: Andrew Dawson,
Eg White, Justin Parker, RAC, Blackbear, and Corin

So I did some research:

Eg White has produced for Adele, Florence and the Machine. I think he’ll contribute to the album’s grand and majestic feel. Andrew Dawson has produced indie rock, hip hop, pop, that kind of thing. I think he’ll have contributed to the poppyness of the album, similar to Living Things but without all the electronic effects. Justin Parker’s wiki bio flat out states: “is an English songwriter and record producer best known for his work with female singer-songwriters such as Lana Del Rey, Bat for Lashes, and Banks.” Also included is Rihanna and Sia. Don’t know what to expect from this guy, perhaps lyrical mysticism considering he’s worked so closely with Lana del Rey.

Blackbear wrote Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”. Big success. At first I was not thrilled about this, but then again, I’m sure he adjusts his writing style to his audience. His success in itself has great implications. “blackbear formed a production collective called beartrap records. The label includes fellow producers Rad Cat, Tarro and Sevnth. Like blackbear, beartrap records is most recognized for melodic, smooth tones and edgy aesthetic.” So you know the kind of sound he’s going for. Melodic, Chester’s voice, great lyrics, the aesthetic… Whatever song he’s featured on (IF there’s one) I’m really looking forward to.

Lastly, Corin Roddick. “Purity Ring is a Canadian electronic music duo formed in 2010 and originally from Edmonton, Alberta.[6] The band consists of Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instrumentals).” Not much on the man himself, they’re fairly newer, but I’m sure he’ll have a small presence on the album. As stated above, his specialty is instrumentals.

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Tbh, this thread is how I found out there were forums for Linkin Park and I spent hours reading this. Then I signed up myself for the service. I have to say though, the new album sounds interesting, probably going to be their most unique from both a musical and lyrical standpoint. I’m thinking an album with an RnB type feel, I really think this could happen. The lyrics are supposed to be personal, and RnB is a great genre for expressing emotion. The vocal style is a lot more melody driven as well in RnB, which they also said they were focusing on melodies. Not to mention they’re working with Blackbear and a cowriter for Banks, both of which are RnB artists. It seems to be that, but if you have a different idea please let me know.
Now I still expect there to be guitars and piano, maybe Mike gets more vocal leads. I can see him in an RnB style vocal setting. I really hope we get more harmonies as well. I’m thinking less Iridescent though, not gang vocals. More like the harmonies in Rebellion. I can see this album being less electronic though, just a thought. Maybe some nice bass work from Phoenix. That would be nice as well. Bass work like the bass line in Longview by Green Day but focused more towards RnB. Now I don’t expect a full force radio friendly RnB vibe, but more of, like I said before, a rock hybrid. They’ve always mashed genres, I can see them making this work.
One last thing, I think we’re gonna have their longest album here. Maybe 16-18 tracks with a couple interludes but nothing too long or time consuming. One lengthy instrumental maybe? Also probably slightly longer than an hour in length. All personal, all powerful, all gut-wrenching emotion. What do you think of an album like that?

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Would be nice if they made an album with more than 12 tracks. I’m not sure about the RnB though. Then again, I have no idea what RnB sounds like after the 90’s. Current RnB all just sounds the same and the best RnB was made back in the 90’s… But what do I know, lol.


Never really got into RnB. What’s it even stand for? I always pictured it as those sweet-lips black guys trying to talk up a girl all sweet, like those late 90’s MTV videos.

R & B = Rhythm & Blues. A lot of music is love themed. Not all R&B music is performed by sly black guys trying to sweet-talk to girls, though.


I also though the same. If they’ve been putting their best effort and they’ve got tons of demos, even this should be a 2 discs album because they will make long tours and another even longer break if they try to reach another level for anoother wonderful album. But I feel like this will be their ultimate masterpiece if not their last one.