Your Perfect Linkin Park Mix CD

You have the near-impossible, but worth it, task of encapsulating your years and years of fandom onto an 80-minute-only blank CD!

What do you choose?? What gets eliminated? Does your mix tell a story? Is it all the all-time greats, or all your favorite live tracks? You decide! Make it your love letter to the band’s music. But you only have one CD!


Act 1 (Intro): One Thing

1. Session
2. Keys to the Kingdom
3. In The End (Live from Melbourne, 2010)

Act 2: Comin At You From Every Style

4. Given Up
5. Sharp Edges
6. H! VLTG3 (Album Vocal)
7. Burn It Down (Radio Edit)
8. Waiting For The End (Non Rap Version)

Act 3: A Logical Progression

9. One Step Closer
10. Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down (Live)
11. Bleed It Out
12. MY{DSMBR [Kelli Ali]
13. I'LL BE GONE (Vice Remix) [feat. Pusha T]
14. Wretches And Kings
15. Numb/Encore/Yesterday (Live from The Grammys, 2006)
16. In Pieces

Act 4: Your Guide Back Home

17. Faint
18. Guilty All The Same (Shortened Intro)
19. Powerless
20. Good Goodbye (feat. Stormzy) [One More Light Live]
21. KRWLNG [Mike Shinoda / Aaron Lewis]
22. The Messenger

That’s way too many tracks for a regular CD haha

Mine would be

1 Points of authority
2 Rebellion
3 Lost in the echo
4 Talking to myself
5 In my remains
6 The catalyst
7 Papercut
8 Guilty all the same
9 Lying from you
10 Leave out all the rest
11 One more light
12 Waiting for the end


It fits and it’s in my car :wink:

Awesome mix btw

A CD-R disc fits up to 80minutes, so around 20 songs, depending on the length

This is a great list.

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Ok ignore my ignorant comment :sweat_smile:

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Let me take some time to really think about this because it’s going to be hard to choose only a few songs when they had so many good ones

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Only Linkin Park or we can choice whatever we want?

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@rickvanmeijel The record must show your comment was not ignorant at all!.. Truth be told… I sort of cheated at my own game and ever so slightly shortened GATS by cutting out about 40 seconds of some of the more repetitive parts of the intro/outro (seamlessly I might add :sunglasses: ), but I promise the only way you would notice is if you literally memorized every single measure. And even then you can easily think of it as an alternative radio edit cuz their official “Radio Edit” cuts out Rakim and you just cant to that to the God of Rap.

The original draft of the CD didn’t have Faint, and my OCD, love for that song, and initial unintentional shafting of Meteroa forced my hand so… Yeah stuff like that is allowed! :smile:

@IronSoldier16 I confined mysely to Linkin Park only but if there are other artists you want to include, I got no beef with that

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In the end
One step closer
With you
Somewhere I belong
Form the inside
Easier to run

Shadow of the day
No more sorrow
Bleed it out
Leave it all the rest
What I 've done

Castle of glass
Burn it down
Until it’s gone
Looking for an awnser

Over. again
One more light
Talking to myself
G uilty all the same

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  1. Papercut
  2. Points of Authority
  3. Breaking the Habit
  4. From the Inside
  5. Faint
  6. What I’ve Done
  7. Burning in the Skies
  8. Iridescent
  9. Roads Untraveled
  10. The Messenger
  11. Burn it Down
  12. New Divide
  13. Crawling
  14. Leave out all the Rest
  15. Heavy
  16. Battle Symphony
  17. Somewhere I Belong
  18. Bleed It Out
  19. The Catalyst
  20. In the End
  21. Numb
  22. Sharp Edges
  23. Looking For An Answer
  24. One More Light
  25. Over Again (bonus track)
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I forgot waiting for the end. :joy:

Lol I’m more of the mp3 person…so all of them on random!!! Fun fact!!! I actually have 6 one for each vehicle


I am a fan of this technique as well, but there’s also something special about creating a fully realized, self-contained, physical, tangible, work that you and only you could have made, based on your collection of albums, demos, remixes, live performances, and whatever else you collect and/or tweaked along the way :slight_smile:

Very very true!! That’s why I still only but original CDs!! I keep two copies just incase. With two teenage daughters, in learned early that my CDs get ruined quickly

Do you remember the “in my car” " dance" “get pump” all the moment specific cd…

Me too. Making playlists is fun, I especially like to set songs that flow seamlessly into one another

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Yeah! The transition from Session into KTTK is actually really fun if you chop some of the empty space out of the the very end of S and the very beginning of KTTK it’s just one long awesome sound lol that’s why i started mine with those 2

Mine would be:

  1. Waiting For The End
  2. Sharp Edges
  3. The Messanger
  4. Castle Of Glass
  5. One More Light
  6. Iridescent
  7. Bleed It Out
  8. Somewhere I Belong
  9. Leave Out All The Rest
  10. Battle Sympothy
  11. Talking To Myself

And I’d probably throw on some live versions of the songs, as well.


I did a lot of thinking and here is my list Rolling In The Deep My December Until It’s Gone The Catalyst Wasteland Breaking the Habit Bleed IT Out Numb Crawling New Divide Looking For An Answer Guilty All The Same Rebellion Welcome

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This is a great list

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