Your Perfect Linkin Park Mix CD

Thanks @okcrew I had it listed differently but it came out the way it was sent. and nice to meet you.

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My list is;

  1. Given Up
  2. By Myself
  3. Forgotten
  4. Blackout
  5. Blackbirds
  6. Across the Line
  7. Somewhere I Belong
  8. High Voltage
  9. Shadow of the Day
  10. Burning in the Skies
  11. From the Inside
  12. Talking to Myself
  13. Wretches and Kings
  14. With You
  15. Guilty All the Same
  16. When They Come for Me
  17. Runaway
  18. No Roads Left
  19. Roads Untraveled
  20. A Line in the Sand

I tried to make it flow well - 80 mins exactly


This is amazing