Your favorite music video

It’s time to vote the best LP music video! :’) what’s your favorite? and why?

My choose is What I’ve Done music video because the message very powerful. It shows many ironies of humanity and it speak out about great wrongs like terrorism, pollution etc.

Crawling. Simply cause I love the song, it has a pretty girl in it, and it was at the time when Linkin Park were so “in your face” about it :stuck_out_tongue:
And Chester’s hair is great! :smiley:

It’s Breaking The Habit beacuse it is a beautiful video and because I am really into Mangas and Animes :smiley:

I agree, my favorite music video is What I’ve Done, but I also like From The Inside a lot

It’s really hard for me to choose only one, but I would say The Catalyst :slight_smile:

I love the music video New Divide and Waiting for the End

Oh come on! Don’t do this to me :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t choose between Numb, What I’ve Done and Iridescent.

[quote=EvoOba]Oh come on! Don’t do this to me :stuck_out_tongue:
I can’t choose between Numb, What I’ve Done and Iridescent.

I’m sorry EvoOba! :’):smiley:

Hard to choose:
Shadow Of The Day

That’s something really hard to choose but… I’d say Papercut. Or Waiting For The End. :slight_smile:

In The End and Waiting For The End ;D

Have many favorites but I choose From The Inside ^^

Breaking the Habit because it transmits many messages related to addictions, I love the song and, obviously, because it is a different music video being animated.

In The End.
I just love every part of it.

In The End (first LP video which I saw), Numb, What I’ve Done and my favourite Papercut :slight_smile:

Leave Out All the Rest, great song and video

Mmm… Mine is Waiting For The End, because it’s ABSOLUTELY the best video I’ve ever seen on this planet!! I mean ITS SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE SOMETHING WORDLESS!!! Ghost Town Media has done a really good work.

Another video that would have been in my favorites could have been When They Come For Me, if they had done one. xD That song changed my way of looking society.

this some kind of mission impossible! :’) it’s too hard to choose one good video!

In The End is my favourite of all time and Leave Out All The Rest because I’m a space freak and love sci-fi =D

I love all LP videos, but I like “Iridescent,” “In The End,” “Bleed It Out,” and “Catalyst.”