Www.lostintheecho.com website is up!

The website is up and it has an interactive piece which is awesome, with an intro sound !!!

I cant log onnnn keeps asking for username and password and nothing workss

yeah i know but i got the intro sound and video of 15 seconds somehow which is awesome :smiley:

see site is up [mrgreen] see ‘connect with facebook’ [mad]

facebook it! awesome!

i did but still didint work… on google chrome i cant even connect with facebook… hunf

my first time on a video clip… how cool is that?

it shouldnt be this hard to watch a video

i got it !!! awesome !!!

… and I working ¬¬

i hatee this, I wanna watch it

@Geisi: keep changing the browser…!

Doesnt work for me wether in Firefox nor in Explorer!!!

I am in the video :smiley:

I can’t watch it. Nor have I ever been able to view anything on LinkinPark.com. I have Internet explorer 9 but I guess they design their webpages to be viewed on browsers other than IE. Does anyone else have this problem?

wow! HOW DID THEY DO THAT??? At first I was like…those pictures look framiliar…Then the guy in the video is holding a picture of ME. SUPER sweet ass cool. yo

I hated the video!

haters gonna hate

I coundt see nothing… -_-