Who is in charge of LPU?

so who is in charge of LPU ? because seems these last few months we don’t seem to get answers to our questions and who is taking the Meet & Greet photos I have noticed that there seems to be some very bad ones from Germany and from Poland blured out of focus and poor lighting hope this will in prove in 2016 because as LPU members we should be able to respnces and better photos if you not seen them check them out on Photos

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I believe Lorenzo and Lulu and the main ones in charge with the LPU, then there are some moderators, too. You have to remember that Linkin Park is on tour, and since Lorenzo goes with, I assume he doesn’t always have time to check the site, but he almost always answers on Twitter. As for the moderators, I don’t really know. They have lives, too, but they are really absent from the site lately.

For the Meet & Greet photos, I noticed they were a bit blurry, too, but I don’t know much about photography so I’m not gonna really say anything about that.

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I’m a bit disappointed 'cause of the photos too. I mean I knew that usually there is a photographer with the band who is taking photos but some of us at the begining of this tour didn’t get so lucky. I went to the Frequency Festival in Austria in August and as you can see the photos are very much terrible…there was no photographer, just a lady that was supposed to take pictures but didn’t seem to really care that much if we get a photo or not.

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can you put the link of Lulu ?? please … Lorenzo was disapere …

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A mod needs to merge this thread with this one.

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Hey @Chris_Styles. Thanks for your note.

We are available for support on weekdays Monday through Fridays by e-mailing LPU HQ here: LPUHQ@LPUnderground.com (PST Time).

Not sure what unanswered questions you are referring to, Myself, Lulu and, Jess answer hundreds of questions every week on the e-mail support.

As far as the photos, a few of them are a bit blurry. We do our best at getting as many photos as possible with the time and equipment on hand each night. We can’t control the environment as we are in different venues/rooms with different lighting.

As always I am available on twitter @Lorenzoerr.

Hop this helps to answer your questions,




Hi, Lorenzo i wrote you in private … here and on Twitter … i need realy help …
Salvatore Candiano

Hi Lorenzoerr in the last few weeks i have no reply to Emails this is very disappointing from LPUHQ sent one direct to you in LPUHQ and felt this was only way to get a response some may think its just complaining but feel LPU has lost some of its sparkle and I know LPU has always been great but the last few months things seem to have got bad this must be the reason for the survey sent to us as Members one of my Emails was about our Exclusive LPU Tv appearing on youtube or on twitter before we seem to get it and if it is exclusive sould it not stay exclusive to us as members because we pay our yearly membership for this content and we seem to be getting short changed thank you for your quick reply to my post in the forum hope to hear from you soon

yes I know LP are on tour but I am not laying blame on Linkin Park Lorenzo and Lulu they have always been great with us the fans just feel my emails not being replied to and I was wondering why the photos seem so bad I remember the 2 meet & greets I have been to the photos where amazing and I felt sorry for those fans in Poland and Germany that the photos are not great and thank you TripleXero for your post lets make LPU great again for all the LPU members


@Fraoncy2003 can you give me the twtiiter link as this one is not correct that he sent me thanks

@lorenzoerr how no link and this dose not work

Hi again…we just arrived At Rome my son is Very tired. He can’t stay to much up, he go tired soon … I belive that LPU will help me But i was wrong … see you tommorrow … Salvatore & Francesco

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@lorenzoerr it’s the name of his twitter account, here’s the link https://twitter.com/lorenzoerr

Hey @Chris_Styles - If we missed your e-mail I apologies. Please re-send and we will respond. Also the survey was sent for the future of LPU. We care about your opinion. Also the fact that LPU-TV leaks is out of our control. Members take the content and upload it onto YouTube. Exclusive it is because its created for LPU and sent to LPU 1st.

Yes twitter account @ lorenzoerr


I have answered every tweet sent to me this week, not sure what the issue is but we are always here to help.


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It really is a problem of YouTube’s at this point, you can’t report the videos containing copyright unless it’s your content being stolen. Otherwise I’d go around reporting the videos myself if could to help. LPU could disable downloads, but there’s always screen recorders and even recording with a phone, there’s honestly no way to stop it

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If you have 2 minutes read the message i send you personaly here, with the account of my son fraoncy2003.

Or the Email on LPU or on Facebbok.


Hi to everyone.

Please understand that LPUHQ, Lorenzo, Lulu and all the moderators (including myself) are people, who have a lot to do and we are all trying to help everyone and improve things however we can.
Lorenzo has been on tour for a while now, Lulu is dealing with a lot, while he is absent, so if you have any issues that are urgent, try contacting a moderator, you can also tweet me @therosko, which I will directly see or message me here.
I have to be honest and say that I do not understand the rush, when it comes to the M&G photos. If everyone would just wait and not send emails to LPUHQ about those, there would be less emails and it would be easier to reply to all urgent issues.
There are some questions that other members can answer, there are some issues that can be fixed by a moderator. If you are not sure, who can help you or if you really need to contact LPUHQ, you can ask a moderator first.
In our defence, I have to say that every moderator has at least one job, some of us have more, some are even studying and we are trying hard to still be available, when people need help. I would do my best to reply to every direct message, so feel free to write me :wink:

Thanks to everyone for understanding. I am sorry, if any of you didn’t receive the answer to their questions in time. For the future, I told you what is the best way.


@purrfect thanks for the link because @ lorenzoerr dose not work need the link that you sent me thanks again

have you looked at the photos why not get a professional photographer to take the photos ones in Germany and in polad are really bad not just a few but a lot are bad who is taking the photos ???