Who else is disappointed with their Strobe Presale contest package?


  1. OML cardboard cutout. Could’ve printed it at my local Staples.
  2. L.A. OML Linkin Park pin, a very small but genuine touch.
  3. A little flimsy backpack made by Tucano that has LP’s logo thrown on it. Anyone could have this printed on here.

The circumstances of what happened are unfortunately sad, but regardless of that, it’s disappointing that the prestigious prize of getting to actually MEET Linkin Park translates to a $15 (if that) “sackpack” and a little enamel pin. It would have been a slap in the face to the 3rd - 5th placers who were told they had won a merch package, which one would assume would be a little better than this, maybe some signed stuff you’d think. If you’re wondering, I made this thread because my last one was closed. I removed my profanity from this post and invited others to voice their opinion, so nothing in this post violates community rules. Please share your thoughts.

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Didn’t you guys all get a certain placement in your cities?

It is a disappointment, I get it bro. I really do but the only trouble I’m having is the way in which you were expressing it. I’ll repeat it, even as a merch winner (not a meet greet) it was less than what I expected. At the same time though It didn’t entirely come as a full surprise seeing as strobe was in charge of this and not the band. I also think their timeline got messed up because of what transpired and I don’t think they got much input from the band during the time they had to get this out
Off topic but I see more and more people upset at the ticket buying methods being used like strobe, most recently Taylor swift lol
This wasn’t their planned package. Them asking for shirt sizes alone shows they planned to have other stuff in it so it is bs it wasn’t included
Mike brad Phoenix joe and rob weren’t gonna barge in there though and be all ready to go after they had their friend pass away
You personally know from our talks that I had this set up for a family member for starters-hell yeah It sucks things didn’t happen how I envisioned them but what are we gonna do about it if we can’t change what happened? No one expected these past months and I think people are trying to go with the flow with what is available to them
Just don’t take your anger out on people that have no control over it-we all know strobe was responsible and that there were issues throughout the contest
Take it up with strobe-I give you my word I’ll email them as I believe @MutantKid will and hopefully other winners will as well
Their system is flawed to begin with but add in a missing artist and things are going to take a plunge


I had placed 2nd, yes I was very disappointed that my meet and greet translated to a backpack and pin. I can’t be too mad considering the circumstances… hopefully this is made up to us in the future somehow, but hey I doubt it. I feel kinda cheated seeing as I purchased 6 copies of the new album and promoted it to everyone I knew to win.


Another thread? One was enough.

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I see why you’re dissapointed, but I don’t think now is the right time to complain about this stuff.


i feel disappointed as i placed 5th in my city and have not heard anything about whether im even still getting a package. i filled out the form with my mailing address but no word yet. something is better than nothing and not knowing…

You will! Or should :slight_smile: I placed 5th as well and received it yesterday
Give it a couple days

awesome, that’s great to hear. will keep holding on to hope. was ready to give up

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Now is definitely the right time to complain. If you don’t, you’ll just get “why didn’t you bring this issue up when the package was mailed to you?” Chester’s death has nothing to do with this. (Obviously in a way it does) This was Strobe and whoever in Warner Bros. that made a garbage decision that takes a crap on fans.

I spent 200 dollars to earn my spot. I could have bought the merchandise myself. I went all out to earn my spot because buying a meet and greet was definitely not in my budget. I was so excited to meet them and then the tragic news, it was crushing. I was actually excited we were going to get something, now I’m pissed and I haven’t even gotten my package yet.


Yeah, you have every right to be. It’s bullshit. Naysayers clearly didn’t go through the effort to win the spot. The whole contest itself was a marketing strategy to sell more albums. That was fine with me though, it beat paying hundreds to meet them.

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I got my pkg today. Same Items. I think with different circumstances there would be more included. I thought we were getting signed merch, guessing circumstances changed that as well. RIP CHESTER.


Thank you for the attempted understanding
I agree 100% many things would have been very different were Chester here…

I don’t know. I mean obviously we would’ve met the band, but I’m not so sure the merch package would’ve been that different regardless.

I did not place high enough for the merchandise, I only got first group pre-orders. I don’t think anyone was really aiming for the merch package, it was more of a consolation prize, but that being said, it would have probably been nice if there was a bit more, or something more exclusive to the package. I believe the pin was originally going to be exclusive to this and VIP ticket holders, though.

Maybe they could have tossed in a tour shirt, like the official store now has, but it would have been a hassle to get sizes and all that after the fact. I understand your disappointed, though, especially those who originally were supposed to meet the band

Edit: I just saw the other topic, didn’t see it before my reply. @derek basically said the same thing. I aslo don’t know if he would allow another topic on the matter or not considering he closed the last one, but I’ll leave it up and he can decide when he sees it

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Sorry I’m not as empathetic to your situation as others, I don’t mean to come off as an ass, I guess I just am one.

Also, they never stated what was in the merch pack so it’s kind of irresponsible to assume it would have signed items. Something of that nature is usually mentioned, to persuade more people to join in. It wouldn’t be left as a surprise. Could they have added after the fact, maybe, but they necessarily don’t owe it you. Especially since I’m almost positive they had some protection for themselves as not being held responsible for any reason if a winner missed their MnG.


Sorry, I’m so disappointed! I got my package and I didn’t even want to open it. I spent so much trying to get in 2nd place and I was so excited to win. To win a meet and greet and then something tragic happens and you will never get to meet someone you’ve been a fan of for half of your life is devastating. You’d think that especially those in 1st and second would get something a little more special. It’s not like we will get to meet them now and it’s harder for us because it’s not like it was a cancelled tour because of something less serious, but one so serious no one know ma the future of the band. I just figured they would do something more. My daughter who is a fan whom I worked hard to get the M&G saw the package and almost started crying. IDK it just sucks big time especially since the concert was her bday gift, her bday was ruined etc etc

Who is they?

It seems like you complain too much and also have the most disrespectful postes. Please go away.

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