Who else is disappointed with their Strobe Presale contest package?

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From what I’m reading this whole “contest” was set up by idiots. I’d be pretty hacked off too if I’d spent a load of money for what is essentially not even £10 of tat. A cardboard cutout with an album cover, a cheap PE bag that some shops here give for FREE and a few other knick knacks.

Yeah, they tend to say realists are the hardest to get along with. Regardless, I prefer the blunt truth to ponies and rainbows. Some bullshit happens, you bet I’m gonna call it out. If that’s not your style, cool, but don’t project your principles onto me.

One other knick knack lol, the pin. Yeah, it’s shit. But I’ve got internal contacts close to the band like Lozo so I’m gonna politely inquire on whether or not they had a say in the contents of this package.

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Cool, move on.

Lmao somebody get this guy a sippy cup

i finally just got mine. disappointing for sure. i came 5th in my city. figured something would have been signed by the band, honestly any signature would have been great. but none :frowning: im happy to have gotten something at least, and i’ll treasure these 3 items for the rest of my life but just a little disappointed…

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i mirror your feelings exactly…with the memorial show, i was going through the emails and there was specific mention to autographed merch which is what i had my hopes set on
maybe eventually i’lll bring it up but it does feel off at least for the time being, something is better than nothing but obviously disappointed

I never understood why autographs were so significant for people.


Can you show this email please.

:confused: :no_mouth:

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Personally it was just meant as a gift for a kid who proudly carries lp stuff to school, an autograph is rare for a gift I suppose like it’s unique? Not that there aren’t a ton of them but you catch my drift
Not that I wouldn’t think it was cool myself

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Damn I’m still salty about the shitty merch package. I would’ve been happier with nothing, HONESTLY.