Who else got the VIP post traumatic package

Can’t wait to meet mike it’s going to be awesome

I did! Completely worth it! have you seen him live solo yet?

ME! can’t wait!

No I haven’t but I’m really excited for it

Same it’s going to be lit

I did. I am very happy I was able to secure a ticket. Will have to travel a few hours but it will be more than worth it. All these years the band held meet and greets and I took those for granted thinking they would always be around. Now I am not going to miss the chance to meet Mike. No way. This will be my first time seeing him perform solo. Saw Linkin Park 10 years ago, Chris Cornell’s birthday to be exact. He was on stage and they sung happy birthday to him. July 20th has so many different meanings to me.

I’ll be at the one in Dallas!

VIP package? The preorder one? Yeah, thanx to @theearlywalker for sending it out (WB dont support delivery here)
I’ll go to the september show in Moscow, have signed for the m&g

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Lol no, they not only have the m&g contest there in USA - but could buy a limited amount of m&g - included is a kinda art workshop with Mike :heart_eyes: @NickGr- I’m so happy for them … but s lil envious too :see_no_evil:

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Yeah and they also had that VIP experience while OML tour…


I couldnt find the pre-sale code on my LPU account. The only thing under my pic was my name

I’m headed to the Charlotte show. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet Mike!

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I was planning on getting it for Dallas, but an unexpected family emergency did not allow me to spend the money. If anyone can help me find a PT ticket for Dallas, feel free to message me!!!

But none of the OML tour dates ever came to pass :frowning_face:

I got my Vip for sf :grinning: no clue what the art thing will entail but sounds too good to pass up :smile:

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Me too! We’re driving in from Nashville to Charlotte!

Got VIP for Stroudsburg PA on Monday…so pumped to meet Mike and hopefully Matt and Dan…it’s a 3 hour drive from here in CT…so took the day off and I’m headin’ there early for the day!


Hey, did they ever send you the details on when to be there etc? I purchased Sherman VIP tickets too but never got any other details except my order confirmation.

Nothing! I’m coming from CT so it’s a 3 hour drive for me. Going to get there around 2 just to be safe. I’m going to call the theatre too…if I hear anything I’ll post here.

Called the theatre and she said they were told we’d get emails this morning. Only other info she had was be there 2 hours before doors open - so by 5…hope that helps!

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Just got email for Sherman Theater show! Be there by 4!