Who else got the VIP post traumatic package

Be there earlier is what I heard from someone who had their m&g happen already

Just to be safe and also to give yourself time to get comfortable with others :grin:
Hope you have a blast!

How do you get a M&G ticket? Im new on here. I have a ticket to Mikes Show in Dallas, Tx Oct 28th . Balcony row C. I cant stand for over an hr! Im old. 50 now as of Oct 5th. An Id like to have signs at this Dallas show to show support to Mike fr Tx. Like “TX❤MIKE” or something. An glow sticks (if allowed in House of Blues) for In the End…how does one get that going or get in on that? I have a gift. I do photography on side as a hobby an its of landmarks fr where Im fr in Tx. Amarillo.(Jackass Flats! Lol). Just some questions. Im going because my psychiatrist said to to get away fr my stress I have. I will bawl I know that!!! Thx

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See you at the Dallas show! I’ve got a 5 hour drive to get me there.

Ive got 6hr drive. I like it though.

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if you didnt purchase one of the PT VIP tickets then your only option is to participate in the drawing for the show, not sure which contests are currently open, but in the login page where you chose forums, you can instead go to contests and find the contest for your show and hope that you get picked for the m&g :grin:

mehhh thats just a number! :smiley: and the fact that youre rocking out to mike makes you super cool :sweat_smile:

best chance at getting it to him would be to win a m&g or to ask someone who will participate to try to get it in to him

as to the glowsticks, it depends on your venue so you would have to call them…

best of luck on everything! :relaxed:

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Thanku So much.

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I have a question… I know people with the PT vip tix get to meet Mike & take part in the vinyl wall but what about the crossing a line vip tix? Do they get to meet Mike as well?

‪Hi! Maybe do you know who’s selling a post traumatic package in Orlando?? Thanks!‬

No they do not, it only grants you access into the venue and whatnot, no m&g in that package

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