Which album is "Over The Top" on?

Looooong ago, I mentioned this and I am going to mention it again today: If you think that a song can be solely credited to a different member just because (s)he appears on a track, that’s disrespect to the original artist. You cant neither say DBS or STP is LP just because Chester is there, nor can you say Rebellion is a SoaD song because Malakian appears in it.

…and IGD is a LP song? WTF? I hope you were not planning to put IGD in the BotS :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve always considered it (It’s Goin’ Down) a Linkin Park song, I guess, but not a song by Linkin Park. Seems like complicated wordplay to say it has Linkin Park in it, but it’s not a Linkin Park song. Same goes with We Made It

That being said, what has been said about solo projects and such for sure doesn’t make it a Linkin Park song, or the example @amitrish gave with Rebellion doesn’t make it a System of a Down song, even though there’s bound to be videos or mp3s somewhere claiming they are

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Agreed with both. And since We Made It was mentioned, Busta wrote the whole thing right? I mean Mike just produced it he didn’t write his verse?

I think Busta Rhymes wrote all or most of it, I remember one of the making of videos saying it was originally meant to feature someone else

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IGD will never enter B.O.T.S because it’s not a LP song
For me like @TripleXero said it’s a song WITH Linkin Park
As much as I enjoy the song

B.O.T.S will only ever feature songs that appear on THEIR albums or LPU albums

Well, It’s Goin’ Down was on an LPU album :stuck_out_tongue:

As a medley though

I was going to write something to @TripleXero but then you pulled a technical detail question. All I know is…
His name’s Mike. He likes what he does, and does what he likes.
That didn’t rhyme, yikes!
That rhymed, yay!

@acemasters Dont fret! LPU4 had the song along with 2 other songs. Is now It’s Goin’ Down going down in the BotS? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I just read the topic that started all this and I must say I really liked the song. Thanks @js3k.

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@TripleXero Yeah… I might go back and re-watch those videos.

LOL @amitrish, good one!

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Well @amitrish
The medley will appear only if I do a B.O.T.S: LPU but IGD as a stand alone song will never feature unless those whom enjoys B.O.T.S deems it worthy enough to be add
Like an overall any song featuring Linkin Park kinda thing

Also debating a B.O.T.S: Fort Minor League
Or B.O.T.S: Dead By Sunrise League

But you said you would do BotS:LPU. Don’t back out now.
BotS:FM might be a huge hit in here. DBS, maybe not so much.


If we did a dbs I’d have to re-listen to the album

There was a post about how not everyone has the chance to listen to LPU albums and it would be unfair so I am still debating a LPU:Leagues but FM league might be fun

Yes, that’s a valid concern. Many songs will be inadequately represented.

Ok. So, I just remembered this and thus, here’s a question (and try to answer without using a search engine).
What’s the message in the LP song Announcement Service Public?

Wash your hands and brush your teeth.

You must brush your teeth and you must wash your hands.

I think they were in that order. Forwards it sounds like ‘Yes I shoot this way and yes I shoot this way’ :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I nearly got it, it was ‘you should’ not ‘you must’

You are such a kill-joy! Grrrr. But yes, you are drop-dead right.
I miss the trivias.

I was closer

True, @the_termin8r got it. I just somewhat remember it cause it’s silly :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t it
Bob the builder can’t really fix anything at all but just led to believe so, remember that children

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