Which album is "Over The Top" on?

Hi, I’ve heard the song “Over The Top,” but I can’t find it on an any album. Where is it?

Here are the lyrics for it: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/linkinpark/overthetop.html


None, it’s not a Linkin Park song

I believe Tribal Ink is commonly mislabled as Linkin Park


Wow! Mystery solved. :no_mouth: Thanks.

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Almost as commonly mislabeled as Evanescence featuring Linkin Park instead of Paul McCoy (12 Stones) on “Bring Me To Life”.

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So it was Paul McCoy @lp13413 and not LP as it is told as “mystery?”

This doesn’t sound like LP to me though. The verses sound like a strange TFK and the chorus sounds like POD. How do people mislabel these guys as LP?

Also, that’s a great song.

Yeah, Paul McCoy sounds like John Cooper (Skillet) to me. I’ve got all of 12S’s albums as PLs on plug waiting to be played.

Also, people seem to think that System by Boston Lane is a Linkin Park song.

So relieved to have this resolved as I’ve listened to all the LP albums, including the 2-CD special edition of Hybrid Theory, and “Over the Top” wasn’t on any of them. So I was wondering where it could be. Knowing the truth has set me free.

However on the Queen Of The Damned OST CD that the track is on says Chester Bennington

Yes, System by Korn is on the soundtrack with Chester as a guest vocalist. It is a completely different song than System by Boston Lane.

But there is still a System by Chester Bennington
So it is easy to say it’s a Linkin Park Song

No, it’s not. Jonathan Davis has written it. Chester just performed it.

Yeah, I know this
I am marely saying that it is easy to say it’s a LP track when someone glances at the back of the CD and sees CBs name
Unless you look properly or know as much as alot of us do but some would easily mistake that
Which is why I put the pic up, to make that point

And if that is the case, It’s Goin’ Down isn’t a Linkin Park song either…

I wouldn’t say so. Everyone knows that the soundtrack is basically Davis solo album and that he wasn’t allowed to do the vocals due to some issues with the label, hence why he had guests on it.

LOL, who thinks that It’s Going Down is a LP song? Just because they’re featured in one, it doesn’t make it their song.

[quote=“EvoOba, post:14, topic:11260”]
LOL, who thinks that It’s Going Down is a LP song? [/quote]

uuummmm…I did right up until this point :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Nooooo!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless they write it themselves, it’s not their song. It is a collab when they write the music or the lyrics and it’s not theirs at all when they’re just guests, singing, playing someone else’s parts.

I’ve only seen them play it live with SU and NL. It would explain why it’s not on any of their CDs. Who’s it really by?

The X-Ecutioners, Wayn Static (I’m definitely spelling his name wrong) is also on the song.

Didn’t say it was
Majority believe IGD is a LP song

I honestly don’t know anyone who thinks it is… well, besides Rob :stuck_out_tongue:

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