When you are alone you

kinda same as 'when you are bored you…'
but when you’re alone

i’ll start

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I’m happy and do whatever I bloody well want to. Solitude is freedom.


When i am alone, i go to my recorder and hear my LOVE SONGS as loud as can

  1. Psychofaint
  2. Crawling
  3. given up
    And than, when nobodies home yet, i start to draw pictures (portraits)
    and you?
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sometimes I draw too :grin:

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what kind of ?

my next picture will be: chester screaming in the microphone


soulspread ou my style, more like childrens draw,dunnow how the style counts… maybe we revive some of the art threads inhere ??? Have a look !??

i dont know how it works exactly. i am german and the last time i wrote english is 16 years ago.
so i have little problems to understand everything here on the page

loooool me german too, :joy:welcome beauty

na super, ne ich check noch nicht viel mit den ganzen zeichen und was nicht alles geht. ach super, wer bist du? du weißt ja schon mal wie ich im blödsten fall aussehe
woher kommst?

Don’t worry, we’ve had plenty of practice with @theearlywalker :stuck_out_tongue:


oh thanks. no its good to learn, but i think i could do more, if i understand . are you long member?

I’ve been here for just over a year. But I post loads.

he is the european terminator headquaters chief -plug dj manager- super brain - knight (english style if his human part leads) - and sometimes … ( if his bot nature strikes back) did I missed sth? @the_termin8r ahh yes … super music taste… we plug Rob?

okay nice to meet you. im new here, i rock the blackforest

ich hätte ein neues thema, jetzt bin ich hier aber dann falsch oder?

uhhh bad mistake lol:joy: english only this forum, but if you like to add a thread -go ahead - we sure give ya sup! Ok, hier nur englisch, abr mach einfach nen neuen thread mit Deinem Thema, wir werden es lieben!

sorry my mistake thanks

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welcome :smile: so ya theme is?

You’re kinda overselling me @theearlywalker :stuck_out_tongue:

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