Whats the weather like where you live?

Here in California, this past week we have been breaking records! it has never been this hot in January! we are in the 80’s and 90’s Fahrenheit… :o in Celcious we’re in the 20 to 40’s

2012… yay.
Well here it’s night, i live in Luxembourg and we have around 10°C.
Usually it’s like -5°C here

It’s mostly snowing here at the minute :wink:

Here (greece) we got up to 25 Celcious in mid december which is insane, it should be like 7-10. Then like in a week’s time it dropped to 5-8 degress and now it’s like 10-12…Crazy. But overall we have really hot summers and cold winters.

OMG that is insane :open_mouth: how warm .O

I’m from Trinidad (the caribbean) and right now its a bit cloudy and its about 27°C

Israel always hot, even in winter temperatures are now something like 19°C

Here in Canada, these days, it’s like -20 C…very cold, et it is also snowing, like we’ve just received 10 cm of snow today !

Here in Finland it’s -3 C and there is lot of snow :smiley: But this winter is warmer than normal…

hahahaha,it is currently 40.3 deg c at my house,been this way for 3 days.We seem to sit in the high 30s-low 40s all summer normal weather here.Last year the ocean here was the hottest on earth,masasive fish and shell fish kills. ocean temp curently 26deg.

Outside my window there is -12C’s and 25cm’s of snow! Pure winter!

here in san diego it has been perfect weather. its been like 80 the last week and all sunshine :slight_smile:

Fuckin rainin :confused:

Here in Switzerland it’s 6°C but from Wednesday it’s between 2, 3°C
Usually we have snow but not really this year, we had just 2 days!

It’s freakin’ cold and wet, so … bad.

63 and sunny here in Vegas.

its unusual here in oshkosh wisconsin no snow :frowning: and 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Well living in the south of the USA has its advantages. Cold is unheard of where I live xD. Well it gets cold, but not as bad as it should be.

Been relatively random here in NY, the past 2 weeks the weekdays have been super cold while the weekends have felt like spring days, and its winter btw xD

in Moscow is about -5C, it’s warm ((
I want real winter, i want snooooooow! :slight_smile: