What was the first song by Linkin Park you've ever heared?

So , what was your first song by LP and where did you hear it?:slight_smile:
Mine was numb, I was listening to the mp3-player of a friend of mine when numb came up. I fall in love with the band at the exact same moment! :wink:

If someone already posted this kind of thread please let me know!

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Mine was A Place For My Head. Dad was playing HT the day he had gotten his copy…epic moments.

the first song i heard from linkin park would be crawling. :3 back when the cd came out my older brother would play that song over and over. it drove me crazy :3 then it happened :3

Heard ‘In The End’ on the radio in late 2001, which led to me having Hybrid Theory as a Christmas gift. Though, I might have heard Crawling or One Step Closer before that, but In The End is the one I remember listening to before I had the album

Mine is In The End. I was 5 years old then so i didn´t know what LP was but when i grew up and started listening to LP and In The End I found it familiar :smiley:

The first song i heard was ‘Leave out all the rest’ when I was watching some music program, I dont remember which :wink:

I remember seeing Crawling on MTV as a little boy, Chester scared me… LOL
But I grew up and rediscovered that song, then listened to Hybrid Theory, then all the rest. :smiley:

I think mine was Numb or Somewhere I Belong. I remember seeing Numb on MTV for the first time years ago, but I can’t remember when.
And I remember hearing Somewhere I Belong at my cousin’s house either the year before, or the same year that I heard Numb, it was on in the background whilst we were playing on his Play Station :slight_smile: they were both so long ago, though haha :'D

my first song was in the end and then i’ve become a LP fan :smiley:

i think this is suppose to be in LP section on forum :stuck_out_tongue:

i think it was in the end or numb
on tv

First song i heard was One Step closer. I saw it on TV for a promo for Hybrid Theory. Was showing clips for the music video.

In the End, in my friend car, in 2002.

My first one was In The End ,when i was like 9 years old in 2001my brother showed us the video when it started to go on ,on MTV ,beautiful moment . !!

ah yeah, lovely gif
in the end is such a classic
everyone knows it
like you must of heard it at least once somewhere :smiley:

My first LP’s song was In The End. So long time ago… and this song is so special for me. I can listen to it many many times and it’s still charming like for a first time.

I first heard Numb when I was like 6 but I had no idea that it was by LP. A few years ago I heard Leave Out All the Rest from a friend and I loved it! Then re-discovered numb and cried like a baby.

Somewhere i belong in a commercial,

Meteora came out a few days later - bought it - loved it (love it) - fan since 2003

I think that the first song I’ve heard was Numb, but the first that it really got my attention was ‘What I’ve done’

In the end

First one I really remember : What I’ve Done.

But I know I’ve heard many songs from HT & Meteora before this time.

Like In the End and Numb.