What Video Game Are you Playing?


Hello fellow LPU-ers!

I’ve just started playing Shadow of Mordor and I’m absolutely LOVING it! I must have played it for 4 or 5 hours straight today. The graphics are stunning and the fight scenes are very very cool. I’m no master at console gaming so I’m finding the game a little hard but I like a challenge so I’ll keep at it until I’m actually decent at it :smile:

Tell me what video game you’re playing and why it’s awesome so I can add it to my list of 'Must Play’s!

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I’ve been playing Super Smash Bros. lately. Just came out recently, and it’s pretty fun. I have all the old versions, too

Right now I’m actually making my own Frogger clone game


I just finished Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, and playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. All the while trying to play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. These games have been out for a while but recently started pl;aying them :slight_smile:


i want to play that game !!

i am playing FEZ on ps4 but i got bored within 1 hour of playing,
i want shadow of mordoor!!!


It’s incredible! You definitely need to get it if you have the chance!


Madden 15 and Destiny even tho I hardly get time to play them.


I’m now playing Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire! :slight_smile:

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I’m playing Omega Ruby!


I’m playing Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and Elsword! I do not know if you guys had heard of this games.


I’ve heard of them, but never played them. Watched reviews on them though, on YouTube


The Last of us Remastered, Banished, Minecraft, and my toilet game is Hot Shots Golf for Vita :smile:


-Call Of Duty (espacially “Zombies” in Black Ops II)
-Fifa :smile:


A small game called Eldritch :wink:


There are lots of great games, but to sum it up:
The Last of Us, Kingdom Hearts, Skyrim, Uncharted and LittleBig Planet.
I also have two Rayman Games for Vita and they are a lot of fun :smiley: Now I’m playing Skyrim (for almost 80 hours overall) and it’s great!


I have both the Rayman games for Vita, too! I love them, and the Vita. I wish there were more games I like for it


Right now I’m playing heroes of might and magic tribes of the east. Soon I’ll be playing assassins creed black flag :smiley:


Recently I’ve been heavily into League of Legends.


Just finished playing Madden 15!


Anyone else play Five Nights?


Not what I’m playing, but if anyone is interested, here’s my video game collection:
PlayStation: http://linkinpark.com/users/triplexero/blogs/6026021
Nintendo: http://linkinpark.com/users/triplexero/blogs/6078391