What Video Game Are you Playing?


I’m playing Shadow of Mordor, BioShock, League of Legends, and Lord of the rings online :stuck_out_tongue: Good games!!


Totally in love with Shadow of Mordor, fantastic game!


Half Life (all the saga)

Maybe someday the HL2 Ep 2 or HL3 goes out.

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Sad, but true: some mayor HL series creators left Valve in a past few years. Including Victor Antonov, who was the artist for HL2. You might’ve played Dishonored and seen blue walls, tallboys( who are close to stryders), force fields… that’s his work

OT: whole HL series, Witcher 2 and 3, Beyond Good And Evil (waiting for the second part! FINALLY OUT IN 2018!), Bioshock Infinite, Don’t Starve, Journey, God Of War III, GTA 3,SA,4,5, VC and VC stories, Chronicles Of The Last Days, The Last Of Us, Dishonored series, To The Moon, Fallout 2,3 NV(tried to play 4 but that one is pure BS to me), Doom 2016, AC: Revelations, Metal Gear Rising, Hitman: Absolution, MK 9&X
And that’s just a list of games i enjoyed the most :sweat_smile:

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Why is this thread only just surfacing? Oh well, I haven’t played a proper video game in over a year (I’m an ex gamer), the last game I think I played was Crysis 3 on PS3 (when I snapped the disc out of rage). I still occasionally play NOVA 3 but that’s it. I still need to reach my 100% on every Ratchet and Clank game goal. I still have Secret Agent Clank to finish and obviously I don’t have the PS4 reboot.

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I’m playing Tales of Zestiria


The only game I play is League of Legends. Although at the moment I watch it more than play it.


I feel this so much. Barley ever playing anything anymore, be it WoW, League or anything else. Just chilling on twitch.

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I’ve been playing Pokemon Ruby the past few days. I want to attempt to 100% complete every Pokemon game with my girl friend, and Ruby and Sapphire is where I think is the best place to start. I beat the main portion of the game last summer but ended up dropping the plans when life got busy, but now I’m just trying to catch everything I can


Playing Forza Horizon 4, Borderlands 2 and Anthem at the moment

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