What is the LP song that you least like?

Valentine’s day, In Between, maybe I will add something later, it’s not much… I can’t really remember because the songs are out of my playlist :sweat_smile:

My insides all turned to ash
So slow
And blew away as I collapsed
So cold
A black wind took them away
From sight :notes:

There are around 530 LP songs in my collection, not counting DBS and FM and Mike. And there are only three songs I do not like: Valentine’s Day, Heavy and Halfway Right
I’m also not including remixes I don’t like because they’re not the original production of LP:) (yes, Aoki massacred OML)

Across The Line

this :joy:

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But he really did …

I know, I never liked his remix. It just doesn’t suit the vocals imo

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The music of Shadow of the day because it reminds me a bit too much songs of U2.

This thread is just here to torture each other :laughing:

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