What is the LP song that you least like?

have this thread

let’s make the inverse

What is the LP song that you least like?

For me are some songs from the albums Thousand Suns and Living Things

(if you weigh I do not like One More Light you’re wrong)

but then what are the LP songs that you least like?

Breaking the habit
Skin to bone
Until it breaks
Almost everything from Recharged
Almost everything from OML

If I had to narrow it to two, it would be BTH and UIB.

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I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s Day. I’ll listen to it if I play the album in its entirety, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to it.

I’m not really a huge fan of Crawling either, but the version they were playing on the One More Light tour kind of gave it a new life for me.


I can’t decide, I find them all beautiful

All I can say is that at the beginning I didn’t like Blackout, I appreciated only the Mike part, but it was just the first impression and I soon loved it

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This hits me like an arrow
But I totally respect your pov

How to say taste is not discussed

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I like all songs. :slight_smile: I couldn’t choose even if I wanted to(which I don’t…) all the songs are great to me.


Good see a person like that

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I second both of those: Valentine’s Day, and Crawling (original). I also love the OML Live version.

UNTIL IT BREAKS is an odd one for me. I really love the raps on it, but the muffled way they’re produced hurts my ears. When Mike did the raps live as part of Waiting for the End, that was perfect!

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Given Up has always been my least favorite of theirs. I don’t like how the song is just about giving up and I’m personally not a fan of the screaming. I’ve never really been a fan of One Step Closer either. Other than those i can bop to any of their songs.

I really dislike In Between (from Minutes to Midnight). Not sure why, the song just feels boring and empty to me. I initially hated Cure for the Itch, but its now more of a song I’m just complacent with. I also don’t like one of the Until It Breaks remixes from Recharged (too lazy to check which one). Hurts my ears. On a sad note, I don’t like Waiting for the End, but not because its a bad song. I used to enjoy it, but now it just starts making me think of Chester, and I have to skip it every time I hear it.
And I feel very alone saying I enjoy all of OML.

I don’t feel The Messenger (sorry, I know that most of people love it) and Robot Boy.

Yeah I love The Messenger, but I can see how people wouldn’t

TM is a funny song to me, every time he sings “Listen to your heart” I hear “This idiot!” :joy:

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I listened to that part three times but there are too much words in it to make me imagine “This Idiot!” :laughing:

It sounds like 2 words to me and he just makes “idiot” long, like “this idiooooooot.” :joy:

Man that is hard. I love every song so much but you’re asking for my least favourite. Ummm. I don’t really have one. But I do have a song I have to be in a mood for and I can only listen to it every now and then or it gets really on my nerves and that is In Between from MTM

I guess if I had to choose it would be War.

One step closer and heavy ( I always skip those 2)