What if The FANS gave LP a Concert


Kinda Reverse, but What if The Fans (even if some sing better than others…) gave LP a concert

The remaining members of LP will be the crowd while we the fans give them a concert as a tribute to Chester AND them

I could imagine Mike would be smiling the whole time

I would hate to hear the 12 year olds screaming “CrAAWlIIIInG In MIIIII SKKKKKin”

Would be very Cringe worthy but I bet it’d be a night LP would never forget



That’s a cool vision… :heart_eyes:


I am in so let’s do it


I would really like to participate. Honestly I would sing my fav LP song which is “With You”. This would be an AWESOME idea. A man could hope!

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I call Somewhere I Belong my favorite LP song

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I would so join this

okay…WHAT IF (never going to happen)

But you were in a room ALONE with LP and you got to sing Chesters lyrics to any song while they watch you - which would you choose? ONLY one because there would be a billion fans there

I would choose Pshng Me Aw*y :sunglasses:

This could become a cool project. If people could record their own versions and send them to the band as a memento of how much Chester really meant to us. Of course this is just an idea now lol. Wonder if anyone else would chip in?


We can ask all the soldiers to do it

We all should spread the word to LP about this

Maybe a concert would be impossible for some to attend (like me) BUT a tribute cover Video kind of thing would definitely work! Imagine LP live reacting to your uploaded video (which would be on youtube)

I would be fucking crying seeing LP…listening to me

I would probably end missing up the song doing this

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BUT its for Chester and LP so they would understand and be totally fine with it

I think it’d be pretty cool

ANOTHER idea would be:

LP performs their songs like normal BUT YOU would take Chesters place (basically just a cool kind of Vocal Cover buts Live and YOU (for one night only) basically Join LP

That would be out fucking standing :star_struck:

That was a dream of mine since I was ten

I’d be completely down for a project like this. Once we get more peeps in I guess we can agree on what we can do. And maybe the ending song could be a collab of all of our voices on OML.

Like this?


I am down of this now how are we going to do this

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LMFAO! Omg lol

The second I heard his voice Chesters “SHUT UP!” Came to mind :joy:


We need to spread this to LP

They need to be aware

Basically the ONLY way would be using social media (we need to find a way so that atleast one LP member sees this)

does anyone here live in L A so they can get in touch with the band to do this

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Just use social media and inform the fansites, then you have more chance to be noticed!


I seriously think the uploading think could be accepted/work

I really feel like LP would appreciate this. They’ve performed for us for years, and now Its Time to show them how much we love and care about Linkin Park