What if The FANS gave LP a Concert


Do any of you guys have a Facebook account cause I don’t so we can do this


We have to get a Linkin Park member To help us do this

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We should spread the word to big youtubers who are fans of LP or someone with power who could make this happen

This might actually happen

So how about it Linkin Park Fans…time to make Chester and LP PROUD!

Whos In???

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I think this is a really fabulous idea

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I agree now how do we do this @melissa320


frist one of us has to get a band member on are side and knowing them they will be on are side

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This a great idea i would love to sing heavy for them


okay you get heavy I will do Somewhere I belong Now all we need is to get all the soilders in this and other LP fans around the world to do this @hilaryfol

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It’d be awesome. I’d love to play guitar for it :smiley:


yeah you can do the guitar to Somewhere I Belong @titan2025 now all we need is help form more soliders to do this cause I really want to make this happen

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I am in but not with a performance- I would take the backstage parts in organization :stuck_out_tongue: and I love the vision :heart_eyes: we should probably do it at the Hollywood Bowl :tada:


That would be great

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Can you imagine a concert by the fans to the band? Amazing idea :slight_smile: “Linkin Park Fans/Family in Honour of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park”, a tribute concert with live performance by the fans and those who could not be there could send videos to be played there live too. Would be an amazing concert, really powerful and emotional.


This would be amazing Idea it be so amazing to song to them i think that would love it


Honestly this needs to happen. This is such an amazing idea. :smiley:


If this were the happen I would just have to find a way to get there and I agree this needs to happen @himmelsknabe

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