What if...LP Dance Club!

Really random BUT

Dance Clubs aren’t my thing (especially with the music nowadays…)

Could you imagine if a LP ONLY Dance Club opened

Different times of the day different songs would play, seasons/months (Like My December is exclusive to the month of December), etc

That would be the one club Id hit up lol :grin::sunglasses:


I hate dances but that I would go too

That place would be awesome

imagine if MR. Hahn was the DJ (DAAAM).

Its nice to dream though :slight_smile:


That would be a dream coming to life

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If I walked into that club I would shit myself

Its like an underground club, not on the streets

Really Dark/grunge like but the second you step into that room Mike and Mr. Hahn blast your ass

Imagine a endless LIVE LP concert kinda


If that were to happen it would have to be open 24 hours because I would never leave

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@turners34 I’d be right next to you.

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Me and you and mike and @darkn3ss

What could be better

@turners34 @kathy357

Since Mr Hahn and Mike need sleep all the other Guest Artists from LP Albums show up in their downtime


Hybrid Theory Mondays
Reanimation Tuesdays, etc

and VERY rarely Hybrid Theory EP or Xero or LP Demos, etc.

That place would have no fucking space to walk LOL :laughing:


@darkn3ss That would be amazing. I like where your going with this LMAO

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On march 20 it should just be a trubrite to Chester tough because that would have been has 42 birthday


Im the biggest daydreamer I know LOL XD

I always am thinking of something that would (NEVER) happen


Don’t fell bad I do that more than anyone here probably

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Man it feels real now

March 20th, would be just like the Hollywood bowl but each year different songs/artists would come to sing and pay their respects/honor Chester

Damn I wish


So true I plan on remembering him in my own way. It’s a Tuesday I just looked.

Perhaps we are on the same level then

Been doing that all my life, can never take anything seriously because Im always thinking of something random :grin:


If This were to happen I would need help writing the best song ever so I could pay tribute to him

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Sounds Like you have a plan for 2018

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I do that to I am always saying what would have happened if this don’t happen

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