What if...LP Dance Club!


@turners34 @darkn3ss I truly concider both of you as really good friends. Thank you

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What song to you want to sing at this at @darkn3ss @kathy357


Your a better friend than my real ones because all they do is stab me in the back


@turners34 Sorry bit confused, do you mean WE sing?? If I was singing…Pshng me Aw*y for sure

@kathy357 Same


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All my friends are gone, remember my post “Im the Forgotten”

Couldn’t believe it but even friends that were true dear to me betrayed me


Linkin Park was ALWAYS there to heal my wounds (get that reference? If you didn’t its Crawling)


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@darkn3ss @turners34 I’ll be back later It’s almost noon I am starving

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K! Im gonna be mixing some songs but will end up sleeping soon, its almost 3 AM in JP.

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Well hope you get some rest sweet dreams


Love this idea


Are you talking about a club or a club dancing place it sounds awesome to me and they would play linkin park songs and other rock music that would be awesome :smiley:


Oh please someone make this a thing

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This could be done in Second Life, which for those unfamiliar…it’s a virtual online world. I’ve seen lots of tribute concerts done there.


I think is a great idea I’ll go it be so much fun .


You know what? An actual club that plays Linkin Park music would be totally awesome! When my brother turned 20 we had this major birthday party for him, rented a club and solely played our favorite music. Of course Linkin Park was on our playlist as well. Not everybody danced to it, just the few other rock heads that were there. But it was sooo great. So an actual club with Linkin Park music would be GREAT!

The closest thing to an online “dance club” is what we do on lpuplug.dj. It’s a chatroom where you can listen to music and let your avatar dance to it. There’s a thread about it on this forum, feel free to check it out:

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I would go in and dance like the goth kids on south park for sure. That is one if the main reasons I dont dance is Im not Interested in the club bangers they have in the clubs here. I cant dance to nad music

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LP dance club, exclusively for fans of Recharged :joy::tada:


Specifically on vinyl lol

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