What IF Justin Beiber covered LP

Im on a roll tonight with threads but heres the most…AWFUL thing

I hate HIM more than anyone I know (seriously), even if it was a tribute to Chester could you imagine how embarrassingly bad it would be LOL :laughing:

(In his almost girl like voice) → “Put me Out Of My Misery!”

He would get booed so bad LMAO :joy:

I feel like even LP couldn’t appreciate that, theyd be like just stop lol :smile:

I don’t like that idea he would not even be trying to honor Chester I would be a disgrace to linkin Park and Chester

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I would be fucking pissed if he did that seriously

I literally might just kill him :joy:

God I can imagine the bullshit top 40, Justin Beiber Ft Nikki Minaj - Place For My Head

Im gonna stop lol, don’t even wanna think about that :laughing:

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Or worst them doing Chester ,s favorite song

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I would just jump on that stage and take over if this were to happen

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Linkin Park fans WOULD HATE IT but if they released it I bet you it would be on the top 40s in a heatbeat (just making money off Chester) would never forgive them and hate them even more

Same! Kick their Ass off the stage and lets do it! Ill take Mikes Raps, You do Chesters Vocals, now we just need a Mr Hahn Rob and Brad


We really are alike :laughing:


Can you PLEASE make ONE topic with all the what ifs? No need to spam with a million of different threads.


Yeah and that’s rare cause all my friends seem to hate me secretly

Sorry had a good day and was just in a mood

I don’t hate you (Atleast when youre around)

Jk :wink:

Not you my friends that aren’t on this I like you

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No my friends think I waste too much of my time on this and I get mad at them so I am not talking about you guys here I think of you guys as family

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Ive been on other forums and people didn’t give a shit about anything I said or posted

I posted my few mixes for fun, didn’t expect anything but really just like Chesters wife said LP fans are the best

I normally don’t fit in but here I can be me and with my other friends I can’t be me and I hate it cause no that lives by me that likes me but my mom is always telling to go out and be with people so I have to be a different person around them but here I can Have A place were I can fanily be me

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That is the truth and that is what Chester would say all the time

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Know that feeling

My past (ex) friends expected one thing, while my parents expected another

When Im with my Family (which I don’t live with) I feel good and can be positive and stuff

but when Im alone (like always) I start my trip down memory lane and listen to the darker LP songs

Yeah I get that that is why my Favorite LP song Is Somewhere I belong Cause All of my life I I’ve asking that Question were is their a place where people would appreciate me and aspect me and A place we my talents are respected a place I Belong and it took me to just now to find a place I Belong which is here


Ah I see and understand now why its your favorite

When I was a teen dealing with MASS stress of people insulting me and calling me a fag/telling me I should kill myself I remember Chesters Voice saying GO AWAY YOU / SHUT UP, really helped deal with them

Now though, with the random events that have happened Pshng Me Aw*y, Breaking The Habit, Frgt/10…really these LP songs just describe my Adult feelings of my memories, what Ive done (not the song) - my regrets and trying to deal with them and trying to find a purpose in living

I am making good money and can get anything I want, have a family that loves and cares about me, but my deep depression wont go away


Yeah me being 16 I going through just that my so called friends saying you’re stupid and why can’t you be normal like us and you shouldn’t listen to stuff like that and you should be normal like every one here every day at lunch I sit with my headphones in alone because no one at my school gets me and if I were to disparate form that school no one would even care I guess I am just to weird and I should try to be normal right

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