What hobbies do you have?

So real hobbie not, music is sth I can`t life without, have you tried to do yoga with lp musik, I try to do it as often as I can, than I bleed all out, just to throw it away, great, know what I mean?..so family affaires and my job is filling the rest of my time, and the lil lil time on my own I´m online here at the lpu…should I say something? I´m happy with it! right :dizzy: here and now!

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No its not!! I have a windows pc and I have it ^^ your pc doesnt have to be so good to use it ^^

@The_early_walker : What’s the point of doing yoga with music in the background? It doesn’t help for deep meditation, only for exercise.

Good that you’re happy, than you don’t need more I guess.

you get in flow and the body “yogas” himself in LP meditation, try it, than give a feedback… :sunglasses:

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Listening to music
Playing video games (Not as much as I used to though)
Torturing insects :joy:
Studying the engineering of cars
Anything else I might find interesting that I have the time and/or money for. I’m the sort of person who improvises most of my everyday life, plans are for the boring.

@The_early_walker : I did try. Well, not my thing. But thanks for the idea!

@Adriana_Hauzer no prob, congrats that you are so open that you tryed it, :dizzy: I still love it, :confetti_ball: Just done today to reduce my mental and physical stress :balloon:

I love cooking, drawing, doing sports, listening to music :blush:

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Photography :smile:

I’m seeing a lot of photography. My dad is into photography as well, but I haven’t picked up anything from him lol.

I like to draw and write poetry. Recently, I’ve almost given up that stuff and I miss it a bit. Gotta make myself.


That’s a damn good drawing. I’d give it a like but I still have to wait an hour before my limit gets reset.

Hello :raising_hand_woman:. My hobbies are ice-scating and diving. I also love drawing, cooking and going out with friends :slight_smile:

Thanks. I always liked multiple details.

Some lighter hobbies of mine are videogames (mostly older ones), anime, and occasionally going on a hike in the mountains. And I cook/bake a little. Also, I learned a bit of Japanese when I minored in it for my first college degree. I have a love of Japanese culture.

Other hobbies which are more serious life pursuits for me are traditional Okinawan karate (been doing it for several years and earned black belt), biochemistry (my current college degree I’m working on), and of course music. I’ve been a musician for most of my life and have recently been taking the production aspect of it much more seriously than I ever have previously. Alto saxophone was originally my instrument, but for the last 8 years, it’s been guitar.

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I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but I still do quick sketches every once in a while. I wanted to share this one with you guys.

(Looking forward to this movie :smiley: )


I’m like a hobby nomad. I tend to move from hobby to hobby. Right now I’m on RC cars but I’m only on the beginner - amateur grade.

I’m training as a drummer! Thanks to Jen Ledger and Rob Bourdon as my inspirations!

Jen joined Skillet when she was like 17 and she’s a Brit which is an added bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

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Besides listening to music at least twice a day a good two to three hours at a time, I multitask, I like to write books, dark fantasy novellas, novels will be following, they are published, so most of my free time is either consumed to writing or prewriting. I also like to read. I read a lot both fiction, mainly Terry Goodkind and Stephen King and non fiction. I have various websites I manage from Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, Good reads, Amazon, and Authorsden. Actively I like Yoga, Zumba, free style dancing, and playing with my two children. Oh yeah, I sing too. A couple months ago I started singing Karaoke, at home, in front of my family. We use CDs and sing with the artist. I guess that is about it.