What hobbies do you have?

Well, I’m a philosopher, so philosophy, ethics mostly. I enjoy photography, I work as a photographer once in a while. And I’m trying to learn something about composition and play the instruments (guitar, piano). When I was younger I did draw a lot. I can’t do any serious sports, so I’m doing yoga.

Mmm… Well, I live to make AMV with sony vegas, singing, drawing, being with friends, and reading (mostly fanfics) and ofc, listening to music :notes:

@Adriana_Hauzer : I like philosophy too. :slight_smile: What do you mean by saying “I’m a philosopher?” That this is your personality or that you studied it and it is your job? I’m going to have one week philosophy course in September.

@SakuraCS : What is AMV?

It’s an anime music video :blush:

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@SakuraCS : Nice :). Like making videos too, but about philosophy topics. Don’t have sony vegas, though. I think it is only for mac, right? I only have a oooold laptop.

I just noticed I like a lot of things. That might be why I don’t have time for any of thouse… well… :frowning:

My hobbies: Drawing, painting, reading, writing poetry + stories + songs, singing, listening to music, watch movies, videogames, my rabbit, my blog [although I don’t have a typical schedule to write in it and tend to not write for days in it] and uh… yeah that’s about it.

I guess I don’t really have any physical hobbies. Unless you consider shopping a physical hobby? LOL.


@Gatsie : If you just don’t write for days you are good! :slight_smile:

lol, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

@Gatsie : May I ask what your blog is? (I couldn’t figure out how to search for profiles in case you have it there.)

@Tweek; Sure you may! The blog isn’t here on LP and stuff I write there is a bit off the beaten path, but yeah… Here it is: https://gatsiesheikar.wordpress.com/

At the moment my top hobbies are yoga, collecting Pokemon tcg cards and playing World of Warcraft. I also love to play different retro console games from Nes to ps2. I paint miniatures of Warhammer and 40k.
The rest of my hobbies(now I’m thinking I have too many :joy:) are in decline due work.

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I agree with you :smiley:

@Gatsie : Thank you. It looks great. I’ll read more on your blog.

I like skateboarding & designing cars.

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OMG, WoW! I used to play that game religiously in it’s early days! I still have WoW installed on my laptop, excluding the new Expansion packs since Pandora [or whatever it’s called, sorry]. Somehow I hardly play it anymore these days, though. Not because I don’t like the new changes or anything. Though I did feel bummed that during my last run in WoW, Warlocks get their stead at lvl 20, while my gnome was slaving to get to lvl 40… :smirk:

These days I just find it easier to turn on the Sims these days :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Tweek Why thank you for lurking :smile:

Well as much as I would love to I am a terrible cook :'D

“Liar, Liar, Pants on fire!” Food! Food! Food! LPU is hungry!
Everyone, @bhavika’s throwing us a party! Be there!

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@Tweek : well, everything. I just finished philosophy on the University, next year I’m going to start my Ph.D. Once in a while I teach philosophy, mostly new students when they have problems with their exams.
Enjoy your course then :slight_smile: Any concrete subject of the course?

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@Adriana_Hauzer : What subject will your Phd be on? (I’m making my Phd at the moment, but not in philosophy). The subject of the course is “Antropology of perception” (but in german, so maybe my translation is weired). Great that you teach students :). I guess you learn a lot doing that (about how to teach, discuss, etc.).

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@Tweek : I’m thinking on something practical, like ethics in medicine. I’m considering genetic selection. My project is almost ready to start, but I still have a year. I have to write articles to get silly points on the University, so… everything can change.
Can you tell me something about your Phd? I’m very curious.
Oh, I guess I understand the subject of the course. German seems so uselful in philosophy, but my German is… well, poor. Yes, I like to teach, and I do learn, before every lesson I have to prepare myself for few hours, it’s very difficult for me - pretend that I’m confident and content. Know how to answer all those weird questions and encourage students to think :slight_smile:

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