What do you think ? about new platform? (CLOSED)

right lets see what you think about the new platform me personally I’m not a big fan of it

well I wonder why we where never asked if we wanted to stay with the old version or sign up to the new one @lpuhq1 will we get the option to add other members again like we did before ? and still not had the activation email you say has been sent out and lot of people not had it either

lpuhq   1 day

Hey Chris, please review the “What changes are coming?” section in this article: http://linkinpark.com/news/news/429595/important-information-about-your-linkinpark-com-ac
the link dose not even work @lpuhq1

Wait…did you start a new post and after the mod closedthefirstone8hoursagoyetyoumadeanotherone?


yep I did start a new one

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You know, people have been giving you the right answer. It either: the emails haven’t been sent out or it has and your just lower in the list.

Soooo posting the same thing on forums… A blog… A tumblr…Twitter…Facebook…a tree, your not going to get a new answer.

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well LPU and Lorenzo keep giving same link out and not what I am asking about so until I get the one I am asking about I will keep asking until I get the reply to my question I asked about I know whats not being migrated read it 100 times what I wanted to know is if we will be able to add other members like we did before but all they do is same link its not like I’m asking a hard question to @lpuhq1 is it ?

Are you related to a Scott Daniels?

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@intheend no I am not

Hmmm… Are you sure?

@intheend I am very sure and your not going to get this closed so night :wink:

Don’t know what you mean about close :wink: but nite oldy

@intheend just wanted to say…

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Dude, seriously. Stop complaining about everything and stop creating new posts to ask the same questions that have already been answered a bunch of times by both LPUHQ and other members.
Give it a few days/couple of weeks, it is normal for things to be a bit messy at first after a big change. Everything will go back to normal, just be patient.

And as for the email, if you didn’t get one, just go to the news section and use the freaking link in the activate your account post, it is not rocket science for crying out loud.


rocket science? haaaaahaha great comparison :joy::sunglasses:

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idk yet…I will tell something when the platform will work in 100%

@evooba see you don’t want to rock the boat as always and they did not give reply to what I asked it was same link we have all read 100 times so why is a simple question will we be able to add members again is what I asked not what is being migrated and what is not I know all that is and not ok I just asked if we will be able to add other members again at some point but @lpuhq1 have not been able to give any answer to this question send same link all the time not give reply to the question I asked which I will keep asking until they do ok :wink: and for those who say to stop complaining why do you read it if your tired of me complaining ??? seems to get your attention and you keep commenting considering your so tired of reading same thing so I would just say if your feeling tired of me complaining simple don’t read my posts and don’t comment simple :wink:

@missyt22 (gasps) I am nice

I’m pretty sure the friends list will be available again once the migration process is done, like a lot of people have already mentioned. Just be patient, this is not the end of the world.