What do you do?

We all do something everyday,
some work, some study and some just sleep a lot (jealous)

I thought that its cool to have a topic where each of us says what he does and maybe shares with something like the website of the workplace, a school project/subject and whatever comes to mind.

Have fun!

Well I am at school normally but not right now as there are holidays

I’m at work currently, But if you wanna check out my LP collection checkout:


or the links below :wink:

11.41pm here, and it’s bed time for me, have to wake up early tomorrow for work… Enjoy the rest of your day guys :3

House wife for a living…xD

I’m working as an IT systems engineer :slight_smile:
and in my free time I work at a little radio station ^.^

i work in a “union” (not sure if this is the right word, in german it’s a “gewerkschaft”)

I’m just discussing with friends,haha :slight_smile: Wish u all a wonderful night :wink:

I’m an United States Air Force (USAF) wife (represent! :P), a mommy to a cuuute 6 year old Dachshund/Beagle mix named Lexi , an aspiring musician/singer, but mainly, I’m a Senior majoring in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Music Technology at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) and I’m hoping to graduate with my Bachelor’s in Fall 2013. :slight_smile: My goal is to work in the art department of a record label.

I work at a video game store named Media Game, one of the biggest stores in Israel. I have already organized tournaments in Israel, between them is the FIFA championship and I was in all sorts of tech conventions

currently at work waiting for office hour to end :stuck_out_tongue: i work at a music publishing company.

Whoa nice one :smiley:

uploading my LPU11 unboxing and lunch

[quote=spikeShinnizle]currently at work waiting for office hour to end :stuck_out_tongue: i work at a music publishing company.
What kind of music do you deal?

Right now? I relax… and I try to write english comment… [lol] It’s hard for me, I speak french and I’m not very good in English… But I want to learn more!
In my life, I have 3 childrens! I study to become a nurse [biggrin]

Right now, I’m posting at LPU, while sitting next to my girlfriend in the Wi-Fi area of our hotel on Gran Canaria…what a wonderful feeling :slight_smile:

What kind of music do you deal?[/quote]

well, we handle all songs that fall under our publishing catalog; local or international songs. so pretty much any kind :slight_smile:

I lie flat on the ground, with this going on in my head: I’m going to get up to go for a run in three… two… one… Barely move. And repeat.
I live an interesting life.

Now it’s 5:57 am and I’m not sleeping because of insomnia. (and knitting mania mwahaha xD)

watching Two and a half men & the Harry potter ultimate edition 2 special features afterwards