What are you playing right now? (Games)

sugar honey ice tea…

What game are you playing right now? What are you obsessed with right now? What can you not take your eye balls off of @.@

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I got Nintendo Switch and all I play is Zelda

I Zelda a lot.

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Spending my free time grinding

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The. Binding. Of. Isaac. It’s my obsession

And I finally finished my first run of DS3…but I need to play it again, I lost so many things :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Clash Royale.

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@intheend I’m with you there, I play Zelda a lot on my Switch.

Otherwise I suppose I’m Playing God of War and Spider-man on PS4

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:o I don’t know what that game is but you poor little squishy

Ok so I don’t know why your comment was flagged. But it’s ok to post a comment about a game. It’s called ‘forums’ for a reason. Comment on games, reply to what you are playing and what you think other people will like.

Here …

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The numbers was a link to something?

You bad squishy!!! @chadmilne