Chat Room (TLPTV2)

To you too.
Nothing new.
And what’s up on your side? :wave:

Gucci Gang chiefs. Hows everybody doing?

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:see_no_evil: uhmm umm no no it’s just that aunt hugs are aunt hugs :sweat_smile:
Maybe :unamused::roll_eyes::grimacing:

See auntie Anna, you hang me out to dry then wonder why I didn’t see yours :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

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Hang you out to dry? You must have mistake Annas. Or aunties

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The usual tending. Arguing with my dog and losing my voice.

Not funny. I know.

And you?

@framos1792 what did you expect, the place without age and you. …

And maybe @anomalia is the best hug you ever get :star_struck:

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Just working. It looks like someone has been placing spam links around the forum these last few days, so I had also gone and flagged all his posts. Hopefully they will get deleted soon.

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Good you saw! :+1:

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I gotta keep the fourms as clean as I can when there are scum like @framos1792, @chigokurosaki, and @IronSoldier16 lurking about.


You meen clean of the mentioned scum


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Shoot. Can’t. :disappointed_relieved:
I’m not the aunt here.

(Sorry. That was mean. Yell when it is to much :kissing_heart: )

Who then? A bad stepmother? (I can be mean as well but only with the people I like)


:rofl: :joy:

I wish! :see_no_evil: (not really )

But I am an aunt.
Just not from batmouse but from ET



Yeah! @justinkilmer
I love your first two!
But maybe not in pink.

You get a book, me a Tee!

Let us change places. …

Jeez, that’s right, you wrote a book. Is it published yet? And where can I get it?

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:smiley: Thanks!
I have a contract and a delivery date for the manuscript. It’s the 31st of July.
Than the editorial process will start.
Cover and title creation.
In spring will be the publishing date.
I should block myself the Leipzig Book Fair :open_mouth:
The book will have an ISBN and you can order it.
But I will send you one and be very exited to talk with you about it!


:exploding_head: then you will gain worldwide success and forget us all? :exploding_head::cold_sweat::joy:

Yes you were supposed to help me play it off :crazy_face:

:rofl: sounds a little mean but possibly :thinking:


Anything you can tell us about the book now, or is it too early?

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:joy: I could probably talk for hours.
It’s a fantasy novel. A first volume out of three. The second, I have also finished.I am not a skilled, trained author, so just happy that there is someone interested in my work.
Thanks for asking!

Never gonna happen.
What I love about this place and you guys, that we are all very differently and on the other side equal, that will not change.
Hate facebook for that, always pose, hate or indulge.

Look who is talking! :laughing:


Close your eyes. You will hear Spanish.


@Fravaco I just passed by the same spot, fireflies dancing again :blush:

And hopefully soon Feierabend (still don’t know
a fitting word for work day over), I’m exhausted!

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