Chat Room (TLPTV2)

Same to you, hang in there :hugs:

@framos1792 and

drink Valeriana :upside_down_face::joy:

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@anna834 @framos1792 one eye here, one eye there.

It’s called exotropia :rofl:



You know, a hug or…something could have the same effect as valeriana :roll_eyes::innocent::joy:

@framos1792 you ignore hugs from the Old Aunt. Seems you crave for @anngelenee 's hugs then



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Afternoon …any news?

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To you too.
Nothing new.
And what’s up on your side? :wave:

Gucci Gang chiefs. Hows everybody doing?

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:see_no_evil: uhmm umm no no it’s just that aunt hugs are aunt hugs :sweat_smile:
Maybe :unamused::roll_eyes::grimacing:

See auntie Anna, you hang me out to dry then wonder why I didn’t see yours :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

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Hang you out to dry? You must have mistake Annas. Or aunties

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The usual tending. Arguing with my dog and losing my voice.

Not funny. I know.

And you?

@framos1792 what did you expect, the place without age and you. …

And maybe @anomalia is the best hug you ever get :star_struck:

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Just working. It looks like someone has been placing spam links around the forum these last few days, so I had also gone and flagged all his posts. Hopefully they will get deleted soon.

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Good you saw! :+1:

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I gotta keep the fourms as clean as I can when there are scum like @framos1792, @chigokurosaki, and @IronSoldier16 lurking about.


You meen clean of the mentioned scum


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Shoot. Can’t. :disappointed_relieved:
I’m not the aunt here.

(Sorry. That was mean. Yell when it is to much :kissing_heart: )

Who then? A bad stepmother? (I can be mean as well but only with the people I like)


:rofl: :joy:

I wish! :see_no_evil: (not really )

But I am an aunt.
Just not from batmouse but from ET



Yeah! @justinkilmer
I love your first two!
But maybe not in pink.

You get a book, me a Tee!

Let us change places. …

Jeez, that’s right, you wrote a book. Is it published yet? And where can I get it?

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