What are you listening to this minute? Just curious

Listening to Mike’s interview on Radio 1

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Just listened! I love hearing the back stories of some of my fave songs

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right now catharsis vom MS Soundcloud, to become a human beeing in the morning at least, hope it will work :ghost: even today, hard weekend, :facepunch: but good sleep tonight :heart:

I was so annoyed this morning. I had to sit through a 45min ride while listening to some pop crap a girl next to me was literally blasting through her earphones.
Some people need to understand that when outside you gotta think of everyone else around you.

ot @eooba nobody (only real few) are taking social responsability these days, poor eva, hot coffee, and jump into a busy day, is the strike over? or still hide and seek? hug for ya! Do ya realize that the emoijs inhere esp. heardt become black and white after a short time posting them, why? Testin XV? here i post a RED :heart:

10 secs the colour is away…

It’s still early, no one’s in yet but highly doubt is gonna be a busy day. I think they have a small part planned at some point cause one of the directors has his name day today. But thanks, have a good day too! (Oh, strike is over).

Hmm not sure why. Could be an update.

denied by our lady peace


when I’m gone by three doors down


I Won’t See You Tonight - A7X

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Hotline bling - i just love that dance. :smirk:

Wai Lana Yoga …body is invalid :flushed:

The Wall - Pink Floyd

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This is f-ing good!

i’ll be gone

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Just Keep Breathing - We The Kings

Boulevard of Misery Business :wink:

listen to from mike shinoda with sth or it´s the one which is my morning becomming uman beeing, if it starts with chartasis…