What are you listening to this minute? Just curious

Thanks!! :smiley:

Ok, I decided to watch the Blizzcon show so, listening to a mix of LP songs right now.

@EvoOba I watched last night. It wasn’t the best I’ve seen them perform, but it was still a great show. Too bad they didn’t play Numb. That’s an all time favorite of mine. What did u think of the show?

I didn’t see it. Partly because I couldn’t be bothered to and partly because I was watching an engineering vid. I’m a big LP fan but I prefer cars lol.

Listening to Hollywood Undead - Gravity

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It was an ok show considering. Chester managed to pull through (barely) but at least the crowd picked up after a while and it wasn’t that bad. Various mistakes here and there from the boys overall, a couple of tech issues but it was good. They had to cut songs due to time limit and Chester not being able to perform.

I read that Chester was sick. So considering that, I thought he pulled through as good as could be expected. I thought the sound set up wasn’t great either, so I’m sure that didn’t help them. Still, they are a blast to watch.

Is it even surprising at this point? :laughing: Did he get bitten by another spider?

Hahaha, maybe. Or maybe he caught some weird virus, that hasn’t been seen since the dinosaurs were here.

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Yeah he was, and badly. But it’s no surprise, he’s been on tour since forever. It was expected he’d get sick at some point. I mean, he was awful on Burn It Down, couldn’t even sing the entire verses.
Sound was off cause the acoustics weren’t great, I also think the echo effect was on a bit higher due to Chester being sick, to back him up a bit. Guitars sounded great (not considering the slight mistakes here and there), Dave and Rob were exceptional as well.

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I have no doubt that next live performance will be amazing!

I had my phone on shuffle this morning and Lonely Day by SOAD came on. Hadn’t listened to that in ages.

listen to

I just remembered this from a Lego Bionicle film I liked as a kid

Is it just me or does this sound like it should be performed by Red?

Could happen @the_termin8r1.

I’m listening to Suck My Kiss by RHCP right now.

Why is it too bad, they’re playing it at every show since 2003 and I’m glad to see first show ever without Numb, WID, WFTE since their release. They should get rid of all these singles, cause everyone heard it live too many times

Numb is an all time classic, can’t get rid of that (just like Crawling and In The End). WID and WFTE are singles so can’t just throw them off the setlist unless they have others to replace them.
They just didn’t play them this time due to time limits. They had to cut songs.

WID is also one of their classics… Every of these 3 songs were big hit singles
I know why they didn’t play them, I just said they shouldn’t play the same casual shit over an over again. WID is one of their better songs, especially with extended bridge, but I already heard it live 2 times and I’m fine with that; I’d rather to hear something from THP/LP7/<<MTM/ATS/LT>> song than WID for the third time on my next show. The same for WFTE. WFTE is one of my favorite songs but I heard it live 2 times. I would love them to play another ATS single on its place - BITS ot TC

That’s my point lol. I’m pretty sure they want to too but they simply can’t. They have to play certain songs.

Yeah I can see both sides, but can’t imagine ever getting bored of Numb either:)

Currently listening to True Friends - Bring Me The Horizon