BlizzCon 2015/11

How many of you guys have seen BlizzCon performance by LP?
It is on youtube… What do you think of it? I’m gonna give my opinion after some feedback from you!

Pretty interesting intro to Papercut, but nothing else. Chester wasn’t in his the best shape, I’m sure he was sick, but his screams were solid. Set list was almost the same as always, but surprisingly they dropped Numb, WFTE and WID due to time. It surprised me, cause I thought they would drop something from THP, or some non-single songs, not one of their biggest hits.
First show without Numb/WID/WFTE since their release, probably the only one for next x years, and still I could see a lot of stupid people complaining about it a lot, like these songs are gone forever, lol

We’ll see how they do this weekend. Hopefully Chester’s better.

I thought it was a good show. I was happy to hear more THP songs, but I really missed numb. U could tell Chester wasn’t feeling great, but he pulled it off. His screams were on point!

any link available?

A pretty good performance but man, I’ve never seen or heard Chester in such worse shape. :frowning: He sounded off at many points. It sucked that he wasn’t able to belt out parts of songs that he could previously. I hope this is just a temporary thing and that he gets better soon.

From what I read, he wasn’t feeling great. I’m sure it was just temporary. But even when he is not at the top of his game, they still put on a hell of a show. :smile:

thats sure true! But for gods sake he made descison, to lead vocals in 2 Bands is eveb for very strong voiced Chester too much as now proofed, Everybod must learn it by himself as said in POA You life what you learn…

He’s definitely exhausted and possibly one of the reasons why he left STP but I’m sure he’ll be fine and do great on Saturday.

It’s def sad that he is no longer with STP but I think it was the right decision. Although I would have loved to see them together just once.