What are you doing right now?

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Getting under my warm cover and going to sleep good night soldiers

I am just now seeing this marriage thing? Count me in definitely. Don’t want, or have no plans on getting with anyone till at least 30s, even then who knows for sure. To those who are with someone, I wish you the best and hope you are happy.

You’re in your mid 20s right? :thinking: I remember at some point you saying
Just curious haha

I’m 21, lol still a ways to go :joy:

Oh damn, you seriously are more mature than your age :joy: time flies lol


Yeah I have no plans to get married any time soon ethier

Lol, no offense to everyone else (excluding you guys) but most people are idiots. The truth is a harsh thing, but its real at least. I just act the way I feel and am supposed to I guess. But a lot of you are mature as well lol.


Yeah I agree with you on that @chigokurosaki

Ok it’s almost 1 am my time so I should really get to sleep :zzz::zzz::zzz: so good night soldiers or day

Wait excluding you guys, me? :hushed: meaning offense to me? Lol :cry:
I’m pretty sure most all of us feel that way about people outside of here lol
im a goofball here but in person I’m a lot more mature-Honest! Haha

Goodnight @turners34 :slight_smile:


That’s the one! Thanks bud, that’s twice I’ve tried finding it

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I was saying no offense to you guys, cause you don’t act like idiots lol. You guys act your ages, not like 3 year olds.

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It’s all fine Francisco :hugs: breath in and out and be sure: you are just an awesome person and I agree, we soldiers are all in the same boat outside this site- so we assume: we are all AWESOME PEOPLE :confetti_ball::dizzy::sunny:- I was in a relation for 20 yesrs and guys believe me: nothing is supposed to last forever- I am kinda happy for Stephen, his life was a burden in the end- so it’s kinda relief imo. What a waking up lol- so deep themes already :blush: but nevertheless have relaxed holiday @Lilyope :sunny:

Ot: :coffee: + :iphone: (@NickGr what exactly has changed? Maybe it’s because it’s still early… cannot see something changed)


Lol thank you :blush: I was just teasing @chigokurosaki’s wording though :wink: it really has been a deep conversation day today on here, pretty cool :slight_smile:
I suppose it is for the best for him but idk still sad to see one of the more influential minds pass away


I probably wouldn’t have seen this for a couple weeks or more if not for here. Sorry to see him pass, I know he was a big influence and role model for a lot of people. And one of the biggest names in science as well.


RIP Stephen Hawking. You were an inspiration and a role model to those in science.

(BTW, back to the topic, getting ready for college)

At work already, enjoying my coffee before it gets too crazy.

Forum got philosophical so much yesterday lol good morning and good night soldiers!!
Ot: playing with Furia :cat2::cat2: