What are you doing right now?

Getting ready for another day of school

Good morning soldiers

yeah - my fault , sorry for that :smiley:

Having breakfast and getting ready to meet @AJ_7 in Düsseldorf later the day. :slight_smile:


@AJ_7 , gonna meet us all? :joy:



@framos1792 Yes that’s right, but the big screen is further away from my eyes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
That’s it, it’s laser tag ! I think it’s gonna be epic !

Thank you @theearlywalker :hugs:

Rip Stephen Hawking. I saw his biopic in 2014 with the film “The Theory of Everything”. He was/is a great man. :pray:

Getting ready for this afternoon.


Don’t worry dear! It’s good to say what we feel and what we think :hugs:


Yes @NickGr ! You are next! Along with @lpfan61 @ashesoftime and anyone else I have missed :joy::joy:


Yaaaay!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face:

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I spoke too soon. Having a terrible day, no time to do anything.

I’m in the same boat today. Everyone makes me feel stupid here.

Thank you!!! :smiley:

Holy [spoiler]shit[/spoiler]! … RIP Hawkins.

I’m not a mature man, just a big kid jajaja so I agree with you dude.

You and I are in time to participate.

No need to sorry, thanks to you we had a beautiful moment to reflect :smile:

If it helps you in something: Do all you can today and tomorrow end what you couldn’t end.

What happened?

On Topic: Going to work now (8:30) until the night (20:00) because there is a lot of pending things to do :confused: see you all soon. And please, tag me if you’re going to talk about something deep like yesterday.


At work now (9:55) I hope survive the day jaja

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I’m sure you will survive @IronSoldier16 :muscle: and I hope @evooba and @melisLP you both are almost done with work and can chill at home and you can forget the stressful day and annoying co-workers :pray:

OT : because of delays and technic that didn’t work I haven’t the chance to meet with AJ . Really sucks :tired_face: But I try to do the best of it and enjoy the afternoon.


Thanks @OneMoreLight2017
@IronSoldier16 just aggravating stuff. Coworkers trying to argue with me when I say something is wrong or giving lists of stuff I can clearly see in the computer. A boss that makes me feel like I annoy her when I ask a question.

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Just shoveled off the driveway (again).

Chem. Just like always

I have to jajaja thanks!

Oh hell! :confused: that’s sucks!! Do you have other chance?

@melisLP I understand you, the same passed me years ago. I had to leave the work because of my “team” long history.

On Topic: ending to eat and come back to the work. Cya later guys, I love you all :smile:


Hugs for you all :hugs:

Going to bed now :blush:


:scream: sending you hugs!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: to @AJ_7 too: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:

Good night!! :star2: :hugs: :kissing_heart:

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Playing Burnout Paradise :smiley:

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Watching My Family - a TV series