What are you doing right now?

Making my lunch, and going to work.

Another day, another dollar.

Welcome back- haven’t seen you in a while @chriswaleslpu how are you doing soldier? :sunny: @OneMoreLight2017 just let them say whatever- as long as you know that you get what you deserve- everything is good :hugs: and have an easy day Andy, @LP13413 - :sunny:

Ot: home after a busy day and lazybutting- browsing ( @NoireXJasper where are you hibernating man??? Send us a lifesign… :grinning:) and chatting- That is just relaxing :blush: as you guys sure know :wink:


Doing good thanks :smiley: , I know, haven’t posted on the forums in a while actually, too lazy :smile:

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Hahaha, :joy: enjoy man

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im ill but listening to LP to take my mind off things…hope everyone is well!

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Hey guys, may I be an alien too? I don’t have any intention of marry until the 30’s (7 years of singleness are waiting for me yet)

On Topic: eating like pig, I don’t regret of nothing jajaja


Welcome to the Club of lovely and unique aliens @IronSoldier16 :tada:

OT : I did a huge step in my studies today :muscle: just one week left until I will be done with this seminar work.


I’m 27 and l still live with my mum (looking for renting an appartment I can’t afford). I didn’t meet my prince charming yet and I think I’m good without any kind of love relationship. So don’t worry @OneMoreLight2017, you’re normal.

Reading and resting time.


Oh geez I think I’ve sounded the must uppity in the clouds lunatic person and besides @IronSoldier16 I’m the only other dude to reply :disappointed_relieved::man_facepalming: lol jk I get the feeling most of us here have similar personalities outside the site
Everyone seems to be in a similar boat in life haha

How’s the holidays going @lilyope? :slight_smile: are you having any fun?


You are awesome @framos1792 ! Don’t worry! :two_hearts:
And @Lilyope I’m sure you will find your Prince Charming when you don’t expect it :relaxed:
But it’s true LP fans are really special person. I have never met a LP fan who wasn’t awesome and nice person.
@AJ_7 just told me, when we met , that if all LP Fans would live on an island - it would be the best and most peacefully place on earth :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Because we care about the ppl who crosses our path. :relaxed:


Thank’s for asking @framos1792.
The holidays are going well. It feels good to lie in bed.
I began to watch West World (i like it) and already arranged 500 photos in my album.

And you how are you doing? :kissing_heart:

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@lilyope, of course :slight_smile:, you’ve kind of disappeared since last week a bit so it gets worrisome :stuck_out_tongue:
Idk where you’re fitting all the pictures lol I don’t have that number and they seem too bulky so they’re in a box somewhere :sweat_smile:
Did you skip the pottery? :astonished:
And over here, all is good I suppose, passing time :hugs:

@OneMoreLight2017 :thinking: that would be veeeeery interesting lol if we had food and shelter then it’d be peaceful…if not…wellllllll… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Playing gta 5

Yes, I’m trying to spend less time on screen for my holidays. But everything is fine. :grinning:

I put all these pictures in ring binders!

I will practice pottery tomorrow afternoon. If it’s not too bad, i’ll probably post a photo of my creation. :grin:
Talking about fun, I’ve also a lasergame planned on saturday. I have never done something like that.


:thinking: well you’re going from the little screen to the big screen to watch west world :stuck_out_tongue: (btw I haven’t seen it but it sounds cool-Anthony Hopkins :grinning:) lol jk I should probably stay away more too lol if my boss or professors saw this site I’d be in trouble :joy:
Is it like laser tag? Shooting others with laser gun? I’ve only done it once but it’s tons of fun :sweat_smile: senior year of high school, the school rented out a bowling alley with the laser tag thing for the night and we did that all night :sweat_smile:
I’ll be on the lookout for an awesome pottery piece :hugs: have a good night over there :slight_smile:
Class time for me :nerd_face:


(inhales loudly)


I just read that Stephen Hawking has died :confused:


I was writing it and saw yours come up, I can’t find the “in memory of” or similar thread that I think @LP13413 made…
Stephen hawking though…bahhhh…

I panicked when I was writing it lol
I deleted and reposted it a bunch of times :confounded: