What are you doing right now?

Just came home, went for Japanese with friends after work.


What does the food taste like? Always wondered lol

Depends what you eat…

Looking at concert tickets for Paramore+Foster The People and for Weezer+Pixies this summer.

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Getting under my warm cover and going to sleep :zzz::zzz::zzz:good night soldiers

Getting ready to go to get some rest I have to go the doctor with my son .

:coffee: + :notes: + :shower:

Have a good day family :sunny:


Just woke up getting ready for another day of school

Just woke up, I feel like I need more sleep. Coffee time.

Just great :slight_smile:

Waking up listening to Linkin Park.


Watching some LPTV episodes on YouTube - I could watch this the whole day!

Good morning @IronSoldier16 !


Good morning @OneMoreLight2017!! I could pass all the day listening to LP and studying grammar, but I must work too jaja

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I can imagine :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I send you an email with my number, did you get it @IronSoldier16 ?

Yes, I did. I replied you back with my number, you received it?

No! I didn’t receive nothing :expressionless:
I have WhatsApp , you can just contact me over there!

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Just came back from the mall, and guess what?! :


850 photos, i admit, it was a bit heavy. :joy:
Now I’m wondering how i will arrange these photos in my album.


Here we go again…hopefully it was just one post but pink Nintendo sucker ball is writing nonsense again

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??? Not again, :scream:- who is pink nintendo sucker ball ???

Ot: at home, :coffee: + :iphone: - feeling thankfull :pray:t2:

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Doing a little yoga, and blasting this song in my bedroom because I can’t get it out of my head, dammit!