What are you doing right now?


I finally finish to read metro2033. I didn’t really like this book but wanna get to the end of it.

Drinking a glass of red wine, wondering what I can do next.

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Watching Rocked again on Youtube. This time about the songs in March that were on Billboard.


I’m doing nothing jaja jk going to eat and then work. Good afternoon/morning/night.


Made it home from work, finally time to relax!


Sitting in the train back home from work. I’m so unbelievably tired. I’m listening to LP- Sharp Edges Live. Aw this song is just to beautiful.

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Going to listen to music and relax and hopefully I Well be able to sleep soon because I had a long day and I am exhausted so good night soliders

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So my magazine came but they sent me the wrong one.

All it has is just a spread of mike and that’s it.


Good morning everybody, hope everyone has a good start today :sunny:

Ot: :coffee:️ & :iphone:


Have a good day too @theearlywalker :sunny::wink:

Preparing to my moms bday party(she move the party on this weekend) i need some patience.


Hey guys how are you


Hey @zinler, all fine myside :sunny:️ - good nerves @anngelenee :muscle:t2: and a :hugs: for you @Lilyope :blush:

Ot: shopping tour after a real relaxing bath - the sun is shining and the birds sing :sunny:️ Awesome :sunglasses:


Went out with a friend for coffee and brunch. Back home now waiting for a package to be delivered. It’s finally sunny today! So happy!

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At work watching the clock waiting for 5pm to come around…only 55 mins left!!


almost the same :joy:


Typing and posting.

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Been playing piano for the last 2,5 hours. Didn’t realise time went by. Gotta make dinner now.


Writing, watching TV, thinking about sleeping


Listening to music as I can’t sleep.


Going to sleep good night soldiers